Do you still carry the name of your former slave masters?  If so, you are energetically cut-off from your roots!  It is time for you to choose a high vibration ascension name. These names were chosen due to their high spiritual frequency and their connection to ancient Kemetic rulers. These names carry trigger-tones that will help awaken dormant ancestral DNA for your rise in POWER, PURPOSE AND POSITION!  Don't wait. don't procrastinate. Don't put it off any longer!  Get your ascension name NOW and come into alignment with your greatness! 


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Leave your slave name behind

It’s very important that women connect with their name. So that’s why I brought females ascension name to help the women around me be born again! It’s worth it! Thank you!!

A great resource!

Thank you for putting out this great resource for our people who are looking to connect with our greatness and mothers and fathers of of the humanity and civilization! I am taking my time a choose the perfect name for me based on the wise direction of the Master Teacher.

This Ascension name was meant for me.

When I was younger I always liked the name Isis. When I was pregnant they told me I was having twins and I said I'm going to name my children Isis and Aiza but I only had one child so I named her something else she also received an Ascension name. I was still in love with the name as the years passed on and then this War started and it was a war against Isis so anytime I brought up that name people would say are you crazy you can't change your name to Isis and I ignored them. When I ordered the 100 + High vibration Ascension names I did not know what to expect. But I then look at all the names and I seen a similar name that was already given to me which was Zekia. It just had a slight change which was Zakia. That made me smile excited to find the rest of my name I was searching for Isis and I sadly couldn't find it. I then listened to Naazir-Ra's video explanation of how to properly choose an Ascension name. And then sat back and relaxed and I was saying a couple of the names in my head trying to feel them out. Then Auset popped into my head and I was like yeah that's the one I want, I like how that sounds and I like how it feels. I looked back at the meening and it instantly resonated with me. A couple hours later I went to look it up online and found out that the name I chose was also Isis I felt like a million bucks like I always knew that was supposed to be my name It solidified my purpose and gave me something to look up to. Overall it keeps me grounded, reminds me of my self-worth and reminds me of my virtue. so thank you Naazir-Ra for providing us with our true names I hope to meet you and the rest of our family at one of your events soon.

I LOVE my new ascension name!

Thanks Naazir I'm so glad I found your videos!! I had been wanting and speaking of changing my name for a while now..years. I struggle with indecision so I never changed it because I didn't know where to start. I now believe this was divine timing because I watched the choosing an ascension name video just the other day and one day later I have the new name I wanted for so long! I picked the name I thought I wanted and was told no through a yes or no oracle. I was discouraged, but then I thought maybe I was choosing from my ego. So the next day I thought to write each of the names on the list on a hundred pack of popsicle sticks..throw them in a plastic jar with a few crystals..shake it up after prayer and meditation for the choosing of my divine name. I was astounded how the meaning is so accurate to my personality. That confirmed to me it was divinely inspired. Thank you for helping me end my procrastination so that now I can finally get one step closer to my destiny. All smiles :-)

Great guide! Very useful..

Ascension Names This was a little more difficult for me because I didn't find anything that I felt suit my personality or essence. However I did figure it out, so it was helpful as a guide. Thank you.                                   "Auizia Ayaba Ba."


The list of names are very powerful! I'm so glad I found HPU and am excited to step into my power! It's amazing that it's only been 3 weeks from watching my first video online to becoming a member and now having an ascension name!! Thank you!!!

Noble and remarkable..

The very essence of ascending is ..."To Rise". Achieving a higher level and being your best. These names are ...Noble...Remarkable and Worthy of attention.... Thank you

A new woman!

I am Ahura Rayowa Ra! Stepping into my greatness feels good when u have a title, a name of meaning!! I like my flesh name, Anita, it too has meaning however I didn't get to choose it, like so many other things in my life they were indoctrinated upon me. My ascension name… I love it means divine mother of life. Thank you my beautiful brother and teacher for creating a foundation and providing the tools for success. This is the beginning the birth of a new, proud and virtuous woman. AHURA RAYOWA RA. Ase