Do you still carry the name of your former slave masters?  If so, you are energetically cut-off from your roots!  It is time for you to choose a high vibration ascension name. These names were chosen due to their high spiritual frequency and their connection to ancient Kemetic rulers. These names carry trigger-tones that will help awaken dormant ancestral DNA for your rise in POWER, PURPOSE AND POSITION!  Don't wait. don't procrastinate. Don't put it off any longer!  Get your ascension name NOW and come into alignment with your greatness! 

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Instant Vibration Shift!!

Yes indeed! i was able to find one name and I'm so happy for that. Also i've noticed a sudden change in my spiritual energy/vibration.

Ascension Name

I feel every since I chose my ascension name back in 2019 , my desire for GREATNESS is even more awakened. Thanks Naazir Ra

Life Changing

I haven't felt this good since writing on the wall of Kemet/ past life a sense of well being, growth, and glowing with vitality l know who I am now just saying my name takes me back to playing in the sands fishing in the Nile looking upon the Pharaoh's in amazement living Righteous writing divine order my Kundalini has risen from the dead literally Thanks Naazir Ra Peace and Love Neter Ra

Ascension name

Took the time to find my real name, I was born again when I found my name and I felt the connection to my ancestors. Your name is worth more than gold!!!

I love everything I've bought from this store

It has made me soon to become a member for life!

Acension name's

I'm very grateful for the acension name's. They will be used for me my wife and my children. Thank you very much, peace and blessings to you and your family.

Speak Thy Name

This is an Awesome product made available for students & seekers of the journey to over/ inter & understanding the mysteries of this world..

Thank you for this resource

I have been struggling trying to find an indigenous name. The video and list is very very helpful. I will choose my new indigenous ascension name very soon.