I have seen much in improvement in my sons grades & his activity level since giving him the gold. He has was diagnosed with autism at a young age. I really appreciate your wellness products.

M. Thomas


I recently brought the Alkaline Gold. I have been using daily, 1 table spoon for the last month. Some of the benefit is that I can focus a little better, but I do feel drained and tired. I have been sleeping a lot and my body feels totally relaxed. I'm hoping that it is just my body catching up after years of not having adequate sleep. But so far it has help me focus on several projects that I am working on, of course when I am not sleeping or resting.

J. Owens


Concisely, after I began taking the Supreme Gold Supplement, I have felt an ability and inspiration to reconnect with higher ideals and goals, coupled with more ease in disassociating from Lower Frequencies and begin to feel the Creativity to take action to fulfill my Dreams and act as my Higher Self!...Of course, I intend to use all the products.

A. Johnson


Platinum ENHANCES creativity...and that is the second reason I use it besides a libido booster. My mind is able to open the floodgates to being more creative. That comes out in my piano playing. Case in point: I was recently performing in the Adirondacks and one of the performers left his instrument. So, I was asked to find another piece to play. I did but THEY found/chose one for me, a difficult Debussy piece that I had never mastered, and requested I play that. I truly thought that they couldn't be serious, but my mind told me (after a day) that they were. I was lucky to have had the Platinum still in my system. After 3 days of practicing and studying it, I performed it with rave reviews. Mind you, I am NOT a professional concert pianist. This is what Platinum does for me. It is my secret weapon. I am buying a large quantity for both my playing and my writing. I am a non-fiction writer who is putting my hand to fiction. I need to access all the creativity I have for story flow, etc. I am also working on new Rachmaninov and Brahms pieces. Sometimes I take Gold and Platinum together for a synergistic effect! I love this stuff!

J. Casey Jr. (Connecticut)


I believe in the quality of these products and the service is excellent. I've just started this product and measure how effective it feels to me. I use their silver for years it works great! I will always buy from this company. Top in the business, plus I believe in supporting companies that are spiritually and culturally conscious. I would recommend anyone who wants more energy, higher libido and better moods to try Platinum! Absolutely powerful!

F. Sanders-Smith


I've tried four different so-called "monotomic gold" products. My primary need for this product is as a treatment for depression and they have all worked equally well. Gold ranks a little higher above the rest just because it seems to be working better. Excellent product! Superb customer service!

M. Garcia (New York)


I ran across taking gold from studying Ancient Egypt and thought I would try it. I bought this and a bottle of the silver. The silver has a reputation for healing or curing bodily ailments or infections. In any case, I took both every day, a tablespoon at night and another in the morning. I then tapered off to on in the morning. I immediately noticed that I had the impression of having many more dreams than usual, but they were deep enough to be really hard to remember the content. I also noticed a change in libido. Worth having a try at, if not to take regularly.

R. Brown (Arizona)


The Power PH drops work great! I put the drops into a 1 liter bottle I had once I got it and I just drank it throughout the day. Instantly I felt something happening in my brain, I just guess that its the reaction to the drops. On the second day after I started taking the drops I woke up with full energy. I was VERY impressed!! I live in a house with 4 people and with this crazy weather in Chicago, everyone has been getting sick except me. I feel great and I can't wait to get the Gold and Silver to help raise my vibrations and focus more. I really appreciate everything you guys do.

A. Gregory (Chicago)


I'm very impressed with the products. In fact, I've just finished typing an analysis paper for an American Studies class. I took the Platinum this morning and I wrote the paper with great ease! I am very grateful for the products and look forward to coming to one of the seminars in the future. Thanks

Iona Wilson (Alabama)


The wellness products are absolutely powerful! I must say the energy is strong, & steady throughout the day. The 3.2.1. Power Shake seems to be the most powerful. I also love the Super Green Detox and the Super Power Berry Fusion. I have been using these products with my family as well and they have responded wonderfully. They have more energy throughout the day and do more outdoor activities and the over 75 years old! I'm really very happy with my purchase and will definitely invest in more in the near future. I'm very pleased with my energy as well! The Gold & Iridium gives me more energy to do my meditations throughout the day & evening. They help with my creative thinking and boost my moods into peace and joy. I like to thank Naazir Ra for helping so many people in need with the spiritual energy and allowing those to keep and protect themselves in this great time of change. Give thanks!

J. Smith (Pennsylvania)


As always I'm satisfied with all my purchases from HiddenPowerUniversity, you guys are awesome and I will continue to support.

K. Blackmore


Products are great! I recently have been taking the gold and it does exactly what it says. And yes it works for me! With the gold I'm more focused, able to catch on complex ideas and concepts faster on the first time and I'm more calm also. I'm still taking the gold now. I just started the platinum two days ago. I haven't tried the ra-drops yet but I'm going to try that next.

S. Jaquell


Within 10 minutes of taking it, my head felt like pressure was being released from it. I felt a calmness and a peace that I can not explain other than it felt VERY GOOD! I am telling all my friends and family about this wonderful supplement. I just ordered the Platinum and I can't wait to try it!!

Dr. Pamela Jones, Ph.D. (Professor)


As an attorney I need every edge I can get in a legal battle. I decided to try Supreme Platinum to boost my ability to think out-of-box and it works! I use it in conjunction with Gold for late night case research and strategizing. Before I started taking the products, I would run out of gas at around 2pm everyday, now 2pm feels like 10am and at the end of the day I have more energy for my family! I highly endorse Gold and Platinum!!

Carter Franklin P.C.


My mind is much more focused with Supreme Gold and things that used to stress me out have little or no affect on me! This stuff works!!

Bashar Ausar El (Electrician)


My Supreme Gold Review:

1) I no longer wake up lethargic and listless- I now wake up full of energy! Saturday I was out late and drinking wine can't done! Sunday I woke up at 5:30 a.m... woke right up and started cleaning my house! Mind u- i was hungover in the sense that I had a headache- but I was soo wired up I had to do something. Amazing!

2) My thoughts are clearer. I feel calmer and surer about myself. I feel like I have this power rising up that was dormant.. like a quiet power

3) My dreams seem so real! From the time I started I noticed I dream more intense and I can recapture more of it when I wake up

4) Just a general feeling of calm, well-being and energy. Definitely more energy than when I was taking iron.

Those are just a few of my results! I cant wait to see where Platinum is going to take me. I feel GOOD and ALIVE! Naazir El Neter Ra u r a blessing!

Henrietta Carter


I decided to try the 321 "Food of the Gods" meal because my boyfriend spoke so highly of it. All I can say is WOW! A soon as I drank the shake I felt so full of energy and life! I no longer feel drab and dull and unmotivated. 321 POWER does exactly what it says it does on the website and I'm glad I made the investment.

Robbin "Tau Auset"Jones (Artist)


I noticed it curbs my appetite, I lost some weight since I have been taking it....I also have been attracting like minded awakened people, It is amazing thank you! I feel 5 years younger I been taking it about a week now! I will get the Platinum for sure!

lpadua11 (YouTube comment)


Thank you sir, the Supreme Gold....it really does wonders and gives me tons of energy, my reflexes are fast like I don't know what! I feel a lot calmer! I plan on getting the silver and platinum next ! Peace and Blessings to you!

Nefertaria Jones


Iridium increases my connection to the cosmic womb. When used on an empty stomach 20 minutes before prayer and meditation, I more easily enter that place of divine love and bliss. Iriduim also increases the duration and clarity of my dream world travels. Iridium is a must for all star seeds seeking union with the ALL. Absolutely the "Alchemy of the Sages!"

Al Rizaan Al Qubt - Mystic


I just wanted to write to alert you as to the value of your product. Supreme Gold increases my ability to achieve a peak meditative state. Meditation is something that I work on every day. The speed at which your gold augments my efforts is amazing. Visualizations seem to take on a dimension that previously occurred only with a rarity. I would recommend Supreme Gold to anyone who is interested in improving his or her ability to concentrate. It literally strips years off, and brought me back to a state of mental alertness that I experienced in early adulthood. Once again, thank you for putting the time and energy into the development of the product. Keep up the good work!

Stuart Wilson


Naazir Ra is phenomenal! I started taking the Super Power Fusion in grad school and I started having very, very vivid dreams. In fact, I would fall asleep studying and on many occasions I would continue studying in my dreams. The Super Power Berry shake has a great taste and the customer service and professionalism in the best! Thanks brother Naazir!

Israel Shwartz CPA


I've been working with a meditation system which trains your brain into a meditative state and develops new neuro-pathways between the two brain hemispheres. Before using Gold, I found the tapes very relaxing, and they would put me in a deep, euphoric meditative state. Occasionally, I would find my brain thinking very fast. However, now that I'm using Gold, my brain is very active in every single session. I was concerned about that, thinking that the relaxed state was better, but I've been told that the active state is even more productive and indicates that even more progress is being made.

Charles Stevens


NOTHING beats Platinum when you what a boost in your libido and sexual performance! At first I had my doubts because it is tasteless, like water. So I took a more... it took me to an entire different level of sexual experience that I can not put into words! You MUST try it for yourself... you'll see!! ;)

Patrick Rodgers, age 58


I began taking Gold and I noticed that a certain clarity of thinking seemed to result. For example, at my age (74) even though I was an English teacher, I often find myself searching for words, but when I’m taking the gold, the right words seem to appear at the right time, clear as crystal. Also, I notice my decision-making seems to be positively affected. I feel more confident and more secure in the clarity of my thinking and my decision making process. My moods also seem to be better. Some of this is subtle, but it’s noticeable enough that it impressed me.

Dee Behrend, Age 74


Something spoke told me that these products are what my soul needs to grow and evolve (ascend) to the next level. I ordered the NanoIridium to help me meditate and receive guidance from the spirit realm. I did what Naazir said and took it on an empty stomach before I went into the Sleeping Serpent evening mediation and it worked! Not only did I get into a deep trance for my mediation, I also had several lucid dreams that night! POWERFUL STUFF! Thank you Naazir!!

Stephanie Douglass (Admin. Assistant)


I had been taking Gold and having good results, but when I started studying for my law school finals, I started taking the maximum dose of 4 TBS a day. The effect on my ability to focus and concentrate was very powerful. Things that used to really drive me crazy - like the barking of our neighbor's dog for instance - were suddenly no problem and didn't distract my concentration or bother me at all. It was a very noticeable difference.

Edward Davis, age 50


321 POWER tastes fresher and is much more potent than other raw cacao-based powders and smoothies I have used. In addition, 321 POWER, which is a combo of several SUPERFOODS, so accessible in pricing that everybody can afford it! It is a great service to the growing raw food community and to the many people who have an easier time adding raw food to their diet!

Davina Deloach


I’m a FedEx driver who spends my entire day driving and dealing with the stress of tight schedules, traffic jams, time pressure, and other complications. Ever since I started taking Alkaline Supreme Gold, I am much more alert, aware and energized. I get through my day in a much better state, have a new degree of alertness, and awareness and am much better able to concentrate. It has really made a difference in my day and how I feel on the job.

Jim Klein


Alkaline Supreme Gold definitely helps my 69-year-old mother with focus and clear mindedness. I can always tell when she has stopped taking it because the difference is so noticeable. If she starts sounding confused or unable to think clearly, I will ask her, “Mom, did you run out of your Gold?” and I’m always right that she has stopped taking it. NanoGold is truly a lifesaver for her daily functioning.

Lauri Cole


I was skeptical about the Power pH Alkaline water drops at first but I decided to give it a try. I decided to test the water just to make sure it was really alkalizing the water. All I can say is: 1) I lost 15 lbs within 30 days of use with no effort whatsoever! I just was not as hungry as before. 2) My skin cleared up-- no more dark areas under and around my eyes. 3) My energy and sex drive increase tremendously. Power pH cost a little more than the plastic bottle knock-off brands but the bigger 2oz size actually makes it cheaper.

Cheryl Blankley (Teacher)


I used to be stressed out at the end of the day with little or no patience for my students. Now that I have been supplementing my diet with gold; I have much more tolerance and creativity with my students. With Gold, we all have more fun and more learning takes place as well! THANK YOU NAAZIR RA!

Maurice Stevens, M.Ed. (Educator)


I can't take it (Gold) everyday-- I'm just too wired up! I LOVE IT!!

Janice Moore, M.D.


"Once you start supplementing your diet with Gold, you will wonder how you ever survived without it!"

Norace Grant, CPA


"I have been taking products by Naazir Ra for 2 months now and I have lost 23 pounds with no effort at all. All my friends say that I am looking younger and have glow around me. Now we all of my friends take the 321 Power Shake "Food of the Gods", Gold and the oooh so powerful Platinum! I look forward to taking them every morning. I'm a customer for life!"

-Evelyn Douglass


"The Super Greens Daily Detox is wonderful. As soon as I take it I feel this electric energy run through my body. I instantly feel so fresh, clean and alive! I advise everyone to take these products, they are the real deal!"

Nadine Edmonson


I decided to try the 321 "Food of the Gods" meal because my boyfriend spoke so highly of it. All I can say is WOW! A soon as I drank the shake I felt so full of energy and life! I no longer feel drab and dull and unmotivated. 321 POWER does exactly what it says it does on the website and I'm glad I made the investment.

Robbin "Tau Auset"Jones (Artist)


I am a 48-year-old Network Engineer. The level of concentration and linear thought required in my field is very high. I can feel my abilities slowly slipping from what they were 10 years ago. Now, when I need extra focus or concentration for a specific project, I take Alkaline Supreme Gold and can see an immediate increase in my ability to focus. It also stimulates my thought process and does so naturally and without any mind-altering side effects like you get from drugs. It’s a great product.

Leo Wilke


I wish I had four hands so I can give these products four thumbs up! I received my initiation level package last Friday and Woooaa! The energy, the mental clarity, the feeling of life-force (Kundalini) running through my body is amazing! I am a middle aged man but since I have initiated my Hidden Power I feel like I'm 21 and my sex drive and performance received a huge boost too. I can't believe this is just the first level!

Charles McCain