The Access Codes to Zion: Book and Double DVD

Take your mind elevation to the next level by learning the importance of maintaining a high spiritual frequency DAILY! 

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I bought this same book back in 2016 and accidentally left it in a friends car because we travel across the US anyway it ended up disappearing and I couldn’t find it available to purchase anywhere it drove me crazy to the point I stopped looking but recently I came across the link and what’s even better is this copy is signed and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks Naazir Ra! -Eternally blessed Alex Abundance

Excellent Book

This is an excellent book it actually helped me to understand why my life is going the way that it's going. I realize everybody have different perspective how they perceive their own reality, this book has taught me that my thoughts had created a lot of the problems that I'm going through and also teaches me how to fix my current situation to a better present and future thank you so much.

Eye opening and life changing!

If you're someone who's on the true path of consciousness, or someone who's wanting to connect back to the source then you better buy this book, absolutely eye opening and life changing. This book should be sold across the whole world, in every book store, Books a million, Barns noble whatever and where every, never found a book where it goes straight into it without holding back at all


This book is great and teaches a vast amount of priceless knowledge and helps individuals realize how to grow and discover themselves, thank you Naazir Ra you always have good and Intentions I will hopefully be part of the family soon enough!!

Great Intro to the teachings of Naazir Ra

After viewing teacher Naazir Ra on YouTube, I had a thirst for more knowledge. This book and DVD still leaves you wanting even more knowledge. Purchase the set, watch the 2 DVDs first, then read the book. The book will give a deeper dive into the information shared on the DVD. LIFE CHANGING!

Powerful BOOK and DVD! A MUST!!

Powerful READ! A must have for anyone wanting to learn how to avoid the many pitfalls and fatal trap waiting for you on your journey to ascend.