4th Density Book

You will Learn:

  • Your Aura Attracts Your Reality
  • Spirituality and Electromagnetics
  • The Secret Alchemy of Gold
  • When to Cloak Your Power 
  • Inner and Out Alchemy
  • Ra-Power Amplification of Intent
  • Manifesting with Gems 
  • Conscious Colonization
  • Wealth is Spiritual

4th Density DVD

You will Learn:

  • The Alchemy of Roots of Ropes
  • 4D Reincarnation Traps
  • Harnessing the Reptilian Brain
  • The 11:11 Gateway is Here!
  • Traveling in Hermit Mode
  • Developing a Royal Mindset 
  • The Natural vs Supernatural
  • Deflecting 3rd Eye Attacks
  • and much more!
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Mental Paradise

Irekanmi Ra on Apr 25th 2022

Being in the abundance of sacred time and less work has been a wonderful mental paradise with the leadership of Nazzir Ra. 4th Densisty makes it MAKE SENSE, how it's supposed to be. #HighlyRecommended

Massive Shift

Nokulunga Newman on Jul 31st 2021

As soon as I started reading the first few pages, everything started to shift, especially in my perception of my own life and how I experience it. This book was like listening to these teachings for the very first time, fully magical. My life is changing drastically and the synchronicities don't stop. For the first time I think can confidently say that I am living on the frequency. Words are not enough, thank you Naazir. If there were best sellers in the realm of consciousness, this would be it.

Life changing.

Xeus Alchemy on Aug 16th 2020

Honestly if your serious about your spirituality, you would get everything on this site. The quality here is simply powerful.


PAM WALKER on Jun 18th 2020

This book is so life changing...I began to experience a spiritual healing while reading it. I highlighted so many good points that will stick with me on my metaphysical journey, I truly love what is stated on page 53...wealthy people think in terms of possibility...poor people think in terms of impossibility. Also page 65.. there is only one self. I will definitely read it a few more times to deeply digest this great spiritual food. I recommend everyone read this book by Naazir Ra. PEACE AND BLESSINGS.


Gelina Johnson on Aug 24th 2017

This book as well as the powerful DVD are awesome! Great jewels are within them to apply to life. I'm glad I purchased these items!!

A good read!

Tariq on May 2nd 2017

The book is a good read. The beginning pages and thoughts of Naazir really jump out at you and you can feel the sincere energy that he put into portraying what he wants you to eventually come to overstanding. I recommend buying the book especially if you consider yourself "different" by societies terms. You will find a lot of affirmations you may have thought about along your journey. As well as explanations of those thoughts, and the epiphanies that come about are bone chilling!