Never get off-track during your meditations again! Let Naazir Ra guide you through your morning and evening meditations and get the results you deserve!

The Sleeping Serpent: Morning & Evening Guided Meditations 

*Enhanced with POWERFUL visualizations!


You will:

-           Release of deep rooted negativity

-           Experience more energy

-           Experience less stress and anxiety

-           Have deeper more productive sleep

-           Experience more joy and feelings of well-being

-           Enjoy more confidence and assertiveness

-           Dispel gloom and depression

-           Enjoy greater decisiveness

-           Experience greater health and vitality

-           Boost your mental clarity

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Very powerful

These two meditations are very powerful. You can not find any type of meditation like this online or youtube. The night time meditation puts your body in a euphoric type state where then Naazir Ra takes you on journey into uncharted lands where you confront your deepest known held conflicts within. The Morning meditation is a great mood setter into taking on the conflicts that arise through out the day. One minute you are lost into the rhythm of the ancestral drums then you notice yourself becoming the serpent within and your into full potential! MIND BLOWN!

Resurrection Vibranium

This is the most powerful morning meditation I have ever had in my life. I felt UNSTOPPABLE after doing this meditation. In fact, my entire day was full of confidence, focus and joy! I was skeptical at first, but all the testimonials encouraged me to give it a try. I AM SOOO GLAD I DID! And you will be to! Invest in your power, get this meditation!


The very first night of this meditation I couldn’t remember when I fell asleep and like clockwork I woke up at 4 am so energized which has never happened. I was able to complete my morning meditation and start my day off the right way. I missed one day of meditation and it threw my entire day off. Never had an affect with any guided meditation like this one. This is a must have!!!


These meditations are powerful words are not able to describe the power that these meditations have. It's like when you put your foot on the ground you don't wonder if you will be supported, you just know you are supported. Very powerful to help build your visualization also...

Great meditation!

Really great meditation to help me disconnect and re-charge for the day. A lot more mental focus and energy. Thank you.


To anyone who reads this get these meditations! I use to lose focus after a few minutes. I'm slowly getting my focus back. Thanks a lot Naazir.

Awesome meditation

Awesome meditation...I can honestly say the experience is refreshing and invigorating. I have more energy and drive to complete my tasks on the days I use this meditation. Not to mention, I feel more confident. Great product! Thanks Hidden Power University!!!

Excellent For Empowerment & Protection

Listening to the guided meditations has become a daily practice. Naazir Ra uses precise word-formulas to stimulate the subconscious mind. I listen in the evening before sleep and upon waking, in combination with the brainwave entrainment audio. Worth the investment.