- Powerful anthelmintic vermifuge herbs

- Kills parasites and flushes them from the body

- Cleans the blood for more energy and deeper sleep

- Eliminates toxins produced by parasites

- Purifies the liver, kidneys and spleen

- Helps clear up skin and reduce dandruff

- Eradicates food cravings for weight loss

*Avoid long-term excessive use




*Approximately 3 month supply when used as suggested.





- Keep out of reach of children.

- Not to be used by pregnant or lactating.

Excellent for: 

- Weight loss

- Increased energy and focus

- Clearer skin, stronger nails

- Anti-aging, hair growth



Take 4-5 droppers full on an empty stomach before bed for 7 days - then 1-2x per week as needed. 

Drops can be taken in 8oz of warm water.


Take 4-5 droppers full on an empty stomach first thing in the morning for 7 days - then 1-2x per week as needed. 

Drops can be taken in 8oz of warm water.

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My husband and I purchased the Morning and Evening Annihilation drops to get rid of any parasites internally and improve the quality of our relationship externally. We set our intentions to shed dead weight and bring in more productive and positive energies as a couple, between the both of us we finished the bottle in about a week! After that week we were able to manifest a new home together and currency has been flowing abundantly! We know this is due to the extra weight lifted from our auric field via the Annihilation drops and other products we use from Hidden Power Wellness. Infinite Gratitude always❣️❣️❣️

Product Review

Changed my life in one week. Thank you for having this product available.

This Does Wonders...

i must say second day in and im feeling the results i dont want sweets plus my body knows what it wants its like my health is improving more and more.... thank u

Amazing Weight Loss & Detox

I have been in a journey to lose weight after my 4th child. I have a huge sweet tooth and what I found was since using the drops my cravings started to go away. It truly is AMAZING the Parasite annihilation drops are SOOOO powerful 3 small drops can accomplish so much. I am very pleased with this product. HIDDEN POWER WELLNESS DEFINATLY REPRESENTS THEIR PRODUCTS IN A TRUTHFUL WAY. I'm telling all my friends. It makes such a difference.

5 Thumbs Up

I was not sure about buying this but the testimonials were great and the other products I invested in with Naazir exceeded my expectations.. so what the heck. SOOO GLAD I DID!

Worth Every Penny

These drops actually work. I was never really a water drinker but for some reason I crave water now which is very good in my case. I don't crave foods all those unhealthy foods and sweets such as soda and cakes etc. are too sweet for me I don't even want them anymore. My appetite has decreased from meals as well it takes way less food to get fool. I feel more energy, focused more, and I'm loosing weight because of this. I will say that these drops are very bitter however they get easier to take and are worth it.

More energized & focused!

Thank You Naazir Ra & HPU! I used the RADrops on the same day I received it and Immediately I felt this product and its potent Power! I woke up the next day more Energized, Mind Clear and you feel the purification on a microscopic level. Only regret, Not ordering Sooner! Can’t wait to try the other High Quality Products at HPU. ✌

Detox for Purity

The Ra Detox Drops are one of the best creations at HPU. Very convenient! I've used them each day since they arrived and notice the internal purification from the cell to the mind. Powerful elevation! The taste is potent; they're just like the teas and that's how I can also tell the quality is high. Purity is the true technology.