Genius Drops contain several powerful adaptogens. Adaptogens are herbs that are known to help the body resist stressors of all kinds, whether physical, chemical or biological.

These herbs and roots have been used for thousands of years in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions, but they're having a renaissance today.


Ashwagondha Root - Reduces brain fog, stress & anxiety


Bacopa Monnieri - Enhances mood & fights depression


Guarana Seed - Boosts energy while enhancing learning & memory


Rhodiola Root - Improves brain function, concentration & mental focus



•           May help with obsessive-compulsive disorder

•           Helps reduce mental stress

•           Combats anxiety and panic attacks

•           Assists with sleep problems

•           Helps balance moods and emotions 

•           May help reduce ADHD symptoms

•           Helps prevent anxiety and stress

•           Boosts energy levels

•           Improves mental endurance

•           Increases cognition and analytic thought

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Product Review

Magical. A must for mental health. Thank you for this Amazing Product.


This product does everything that it claims to do! It absolutely clears brain fog and fatigue. You can also feel it activating and working. Where was this when I was in school?


This product is excellent for family with children in middle school and highschool. I administered the dosage according to the drop instructions to me and my family....we are all hooked...it was an INSTANT BOOST IN MOOD.. ENERGY...ORGANIZATION..... PROCESS THINGS CLEARER....FELT LIKE FAT WAS MELTING OFF...JUST A GREAT PRODUCT I WILL BE PURCHASING FROM NOW ON. SO GRATEFUL TO NAAZIR RA & HPU FOR HELPING THE PEOPLE OF RA. SHALOM WADU.


This product is awesome. I'am in London, England si it's very stressful and always cloudy which brings down your energy. After taking these wow drops my mental started going in at work. Genius. Thank you

Excellent product that works!

The genius drops are used when I study and read my books it helps create a mental image of the book I'm reading and keeps my stress levels in checked when I'm dealing with a problem, when that comes to pass I find many ways on how I could've did it another way. The drops work No doubt Hands down.