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MAN OF STEEL -  Super Potent Herbal Stamina Drops (2oz)



How do I take this product?


Follow the suggested use on the label. Best if taken on an empty stomach and wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking. The product will still work with food and liquid but is more potent on an empty stomach. 


Why do you use a liquid alcohol extract?


We use alcohol to aid in the delivery of the herbs. The alcohol opens the pores in the mouth and stimulates receptors, allowing nutrients to pass into the bloodstream with optimal efficiency. 




  • Powerful libido boost, stronger erections and stamina
  • Pain reducer, promotes circulation of blood and energy throughout the body
  • Sexual prowess, reverses graying of hair and reduces hardening of arteries,
  • Contains an alkaloid that has rejuvenating effects on the nerves and brain cells
  • Nourishes the testicles and the entire endocrine system
  • Stimulates a portion of the adrenal gland that helps to detoxify the body
  • Boosts hair growth, energy and sexual vigor
  • Increases the production of high quality testosterone CRITICAL!
  • Supports muscle growth and density-- excellent for body building!
  • Boost confidence, courage, optimism and assertiveness
  • Supports natural masculinity in men
  • A powerful aphrodisiac
  • Helps with depression and impotence
  • An appetite suppressant-- excellent for a weight loss regiment!
  • Known in some circles as the natural "Viagra of the Amazon"


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Great Power, Great Responsibility !!

Upon using this product, I woke up the next day with Powerful Lion like Energy ! I feel ready for any Task! With Increased Strength, Sharp Thinking, Enhanced Work Outs made simple. Your Masculine Libido On High! Get ready to Fly with THE MAN OF STEEL !

Must have!!!

As men we got to keep a bottle of this at all times !!!!

Man of Steel

Amazing product I noticed the elixir which I take twice a day has undeniable results in regards to gradually raising and then keeping your testosterone levels high. I've felt just to mention a few things a better overall sense of wellbeing, sustainable power throughout the day including workouts (great for bodybuilding) , and stronger erections whether just waking up or intercourse . This is definitely an amazing counter for the war on what makes us men, our "T"

Superior results

I have found that Man of Steel works great as a mental stimulant and energy booster as well. It has replaced my morning coffee. The great thing is the added boost in performance and working out. My advice, ditch the coffee and get your MAN OF STEEL! It works!!

Wow! Stuff works!!

Taking it 1/1 morning and evening. On day 7 while laying on my back doing back exercises, my soldier started saluting. I Iwas like WOW. That stuff works. LOL.

Man of steel + Gold = POWER!

I recently purchased the man of steel and the Gold right after the termination of my last "job". The reason for is because I know that the transition between finding employment and daily life can cause depression and just destroy my testosterone. As a man 26 years old with a fiancee, 4 year old daughter and hopefully a son because my queen is pregnant, on the way, I just had to make sure that I had the power to fight through and focus to manifest a better opportunity for us. I spent Damn near my last dollar! But I start a higher paying job this upcoming Monday. I had to step up to my power and invest in that, and the results show in my recent activity. This is an absolute no brainer. Don't even hesitate. Just get it because the benefits out way the bargain. Thanks to the HPU family for getting the product out safe and most importantly I give thanks to Naazir Ra and your dedication to the specific group of souls here during this incarnation in rises us all up . I want to give a righteous whole hearted thank you so much.!!!

Most powerful ever

Man!!! This supplement is by far the most powerful and potent supplement that I've ever used and I have used alot definitely recommend I have the man of steel tea as well both are amazing thanks again Dr Nazir for something natural in the spectrum of mens health!!!


I noticed after the 2nd day I was s bit vascular with doing only my normal day to day. No gym what so ever. 5 STARS!