Help activate your pineal gland (3rd eye) with this exclusive blend of powerful herbs that nourish the higher centers of the brain for deeper meditations, dreams and visualizations. This tea has the best results when used consistently. 


Ascension Lotus 3rd Eye Chakra Tea is a proprietary blend of rare organic herbs!

Metaphysical Benefits:

- Supports the pineal gland "3rd eye" spiritual center

- Increases higher spiritual resonance  

- Soothes anxiety and stress

- Mentally grounding

- Balances and feeds the higher mind

- Enhances meditative states 

- Nourishes and balances the root chakra  & 3rd eye chakra

Health Benefits:

- Manages Blood Pressure

- Lowers Cholesterol

- Protects the Liver

- Anti-inflammatory & Antibacterial Agent

- Helps reduce Menstrual Pain

- Acts as an Antidepressant 

- Helps reduce weight 

- Powerful Antioxidant like green tea (better taste)

- Combats signs of aging such as facial wrinkles 

- Analgesic properties can alleviate on oncoming headache

- Powerful brain boost packed with nutrients that energize the brain!





- Add 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of water in a small pot
- Bring to a boil for about 5 minutes
- Turn off heat & let steep until warm
- Pour into a glass tea cup. 
- Add your choice of sweetener 
- Use while studying or before meditation /sleep.
- Works great with Mind Tonic Meditation: Click Here

*To enhance meditation, consume 1 hour in advance. 

*Makes ~20 cups


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Love this tea. Taste great and I will keep reorder it.


I absolutely love this tea taste is great all by itself even with a little sweetener of your choice just tops it off all I ask is that you never stop making this one. Get it. While it lastI will suggest to buy two at a time one is not enough

Increased intuition

I have been noticing a major increase in my intuition. I can sense the feelings of my love ones. My daughter wasn’t feeling well one day and I was shaking in my body before she even said anything to me. I gave her a cleansing bath to cleanse her aura and she was much better. My dreams are also clearer. I’m diggin’ it! Thanks for this amazing formula. Asé


This tea is simply amazing! From the color, to the taste, down to the results, UNBELIEVAVLE! I hope this product never gets discontinued because I swear by it! Saw a difference instantly! I feel more whole and in tune with my higher self! Also helps with menstrual cramps which is an added bonus!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! MUST HAVE!


This wonderful tea is so calming and really helps for deeper meditation, dreams and visualizations. I really enjoy drinking it and eating the lotus leaves. Peace and blessings.

Nectar from the Gods...

It’s more than a tea - it’s like a nectar from the Gods! The flavour, colour and gentleness of this tea put it into a different league altogether. An impeccable tea. Absolutely beautiful :)

3rd eye tea

I love the taste of this tea! .. I feel calm when I drink this tea. Love and respect to, Naazir Ra, Wife and family

Does what it says it does!!

Since using this tea, I’ve experienced a more calm and deeper relaxation during meditation. I always had menstrual issues, even after having give birth 3xs. I’ve never been into taking drugs. So I would tuff the pain out. The passing of blood clots was painful and heavy. The Dr suggested getting on birth control. I did and still had issues, and more issues added. Feeling fatigue all the time, the constant weight gain and all. Since using Lotus it’s been the best. Like brother Naazir Ra say, you don’t know unless you experience for Self!!