Help activate your pineal gland (3rd eye) with this exclusive blend of powerful herbs that nourish the higher centers of the brain for deeper meditations, dreams and visualizations. This tea has the best results when used consistently. 


Ascension Lotus 3rd Eye Chakra Tea is a proprietary blend of rare organic herbs!

Metaphysical Benefits:

- Supports the pineal gland "3rd eye" spiritual center

- Increases higher spiritual resonance  

- Soothes anxiety and stress

- Mentally grounding

- Balances and feeds the higher mind

- Enhances meditative states 

- Nourishes and balances the root chakra  & 3rd eye chakra

Health Benefits:

- Manages Blood Pressure

- Lowers Cholesterol

- Protects the Liver

- Anti-inflammatory & Antibacterial Agent

- Helps reduce Menstrual Pain

- Acts as an Antidepressant 

- Helps reduce weight 

- Powerful Antioxidant like green tea (better taste)

- Combats signs of aging such as facial wrinkles 

- Analgesic properties can alleviate on oncoming headache

- Powerful brain boost packed with nutrients that energize the brain!





- Add 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of water in a small pot
- Bring to a boil for about 5 minutes
- Turn off heat & let steep until warm
- Strain & pour into a glass tea cup. 
- Add your choice of sweetener 
- Use while studying or before meditation /sleep.
- Works great with Mind Tonic Meditation: Click Here

*To enhance meditation, consume 1 hour in advance. 

*Makes ~20 cups


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3rd eye tea

I love the taste of this tea! .. I feel calm when I drink this tea. Love and respect to, Naazir Ra, Wife and family

Does what it says it does!!

Since using this tea, I’ve experienced a more calm and deeper relaxation during meditation. I always had menstrual issues, even after having give birth 3xs. I’ve never been into taking drugs. So I would tuff the pain out. The passing of blood clots was painful and heavy. The Dr suggested getting on birth control. I did and still had issues, and more issues added. Feeling fatigue all the time, the constant weight gain and all. Since using Lotus it’s been the best. Like brother Naazir Ra say, you don’t know unless you experience for Self!!


Tastes and smells yummy! Peace and love to all my family. Purchase this tea and you’re out of this world, or should I say plane lol.

Great for meditation

The 2 cups I’ve had has made a big difference in how I have been feeling! My mind is more calm and my body feels more relaxed. Helps me meditate and sleep better.

Lotus tea

This Tea works wonders!!! I've literally had a lucid dream last night of activating my chakras! Electrifying!!! Not only that but my queen had spontaneous Astral Travel experiences and she doesn't even practice it. This tea is highly recommended along with your spiritual studies. Ase!!!

Third Eye Chakra Ascension Tea

This tea is very pretty and is a dark blue color. It is naturally sweet and has a mild, light flavor. I have never had tea that was not in a tea bag before ordering from HPU and the difference is amazing! I have always had the ability to see things that others do not, I have a deep connection to the spirit realm and I have now the ability to understand things from a deeper level. I also notice a change in personality . I am more understanding, patient, calm , and my anxiety has disappeared. I do not argue with others and I am less rigid and stubborn. I think the combination of the parasite annihilator tea and this tea has balanced me out. My thyroid is functional now and I have slimmed down as well . It has been about 45 days since I started with the meditations and products. I even feel the damage from DNA upgrades and codes that I started (from someone falsely representing who they really are) have corrected itself. I am happy and grateful . Thank you Naazir Ra and HPU and your customer service is first class. Nadia Joy


I was pleasantly surprised by the color when brewed; I love it; it doesn't seem to have a strong taste, it could be my palette. It left me feeling mellow after drinking. My dreams were vivid and colorful and I can remember them, which I haven't been able to do in a while. I even like the container, it can be used for other things once the tea is finished. I am impressed and will purchase this item again. I wish you continued success with your business. Best, Esther


No sweetener needed for this magical tea. Very relaxing and extremely mellow. This is my common bedtime tea too. Amazing benefits. My retention has increased I noticed. Thank you once again HPW. Asé