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If you benefitted from KING ME I, this course will take it to ANOTHER LEVEL!  


* Timeless knowledge and wisdom to master and control your feminine side for success in life. 

* Numerous guarded rituals, baths and spiritual science that was reserved for princes and kings.

* Knowledge beyond being a "good man." This course is about being a true KING!! 

** NOTE: You must have a store account to get this course. The PDF textbook will be sent through our system.

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We have work fellas (honest review)

Akar on Apr 19th 2022

After going through KM I I felt i had I thought I was keeping my act together on a certain level that I was comfortable with. But going KM II I found myself Shaking my head throughout the course if the fellas get what i mean by that. To keep it simple I found i have much more work to do. If you have KM I you have to have KM II!

Worth Every Penny!

Ahwar on Jul 10th 2021

I must say The King Me Two Home Study Course is definitely worth every penny!!! Brothers do not think about the price of the product, rather think of King Me Two as a lifetime investment into yourself. This Home study study pays for itself because you can watch the video and study the information repeatedly for the rest of your life. Even if you are a masculine man, King Me Two will cause an evolution in your masculinity that you cannot possibly fathom! I am definitely waiting for King Me Three - The God Level. Come on Naazir Ra, make the cipher complete and make the King Me a trilogy! I was the first person to purchase King Me Two on Friday Night, March 5, 2021. Again I must reiterate to all the brothers do not worry about the price! You learning this information is worth so much more than any price the good brother Naazir Ra could possibly charge you. I promise you brothers from the bottom of my heart that you will not be disappointed nor will you have any regrets.


Ahmose Isa Yabani on Mar 27th 2021

This is all I’ll say, it’s encrypted for a reason! King Me 1 is about stepping up to your power. King Me 2 is about how to transcend it. Truly OVERWHELMING POWER! This is teaching us how to transcend mortal manly power and becoming a TRUE KING! NAAZIR RA HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!