Genuine Mahogany Obsidian, Pyrite, Iron, Copper & Quartz Crystals 

- Innovation and breakthroughs for business & spiritual advancement

- Called the "Pioneers and inventors generator"

- Boosts Self-confidence and Self-image

- Balances the mind and emotions

- Boosts creativity and creative problem solving

- Helps improve intimacy 

 22" stainless steel chain included


*This generator is excellent for those seeking to find their life purpose that will attract joy and success. Also great for reforming and refining the personality through self-discovery. 

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Highly recommended

Alim Ameer Noor-Ra ( Anthony Boone ) on Nov 18th 2018

Peace and Blessings Naazir, this powerful Ra generator helped me to discover 3 business ideas, while also discovering several things about myself.