Spiritual baths and water rituals have their origin in Ancient Egypt which is correctly known as Khem or Kemet. Our ancestors were masters of every science known to man and possessed extremely advanced spiritual knowledge and esoteric wisdom.

A spiritual bath is a water ritual similar to Christian baptism and christening, Jewish mikveh and Islamic wudu. ALL of these practices can be traced back to Khem for they understood the spiritual power of water!

Some facts

1. Our bodies consist of about 70% water. 2. The earth is also about 70% covered with water 3. All life had its origin in water 4. We breath through a membrane of water in our lungs. 5. Water is needed for ALL biochemical processes in the body!

*Water is a manifestation of the Divine Feminine which we called Auset, the original Holy Mother. When the power of water is used properly such as this spiritual bath, it can transform your life! 


A) Once a week or once a month

B) On the evening of equinoxes and solstices

C) New Year's Day

D) Your Birthday

E) Solar or lunar eclipse 

F) After a break up or conflict with someone


A) Clearer vision and mental focus

B) More energy and a feeling of lightness

C) Healing of emotional wounds

D) Removal of indecisiveness

E) More in alignment with your higher Self / GOD

F) Removal of evil eye, curses, negative energy

G) Opens the way to luck, blessings and favor $$$

H) Prophetic dreams, visions and insights

Enjoy and be lifted!


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Very very powerful

Have taken the bath and it is very very powerful, works miracles. Thanks Naazir Ra God bless you and the family

Absolutely mind-blowing

This is a brilliant meditation it is absolutely mind-blowing never thought that all the things from my past would hold me back... seen my ex-wife yesterday and I could never get along with her but for some reason on this particular day it's like she was non-existent of course I spoke with her it was no bad feelings ... I am focusing now on the present and the future I just want to say thank you Brother Naazir Ra Peace & Love to the whole HPU family!


Magical..This means whatever is weighing on you...it lifts. Definitely a part of my lifestyle moving forward. Great and wonderful personal experience, which one needs to have with the oneness with the Universe. Powerful denominator among all of my practices, this ranks supreme. Order this transformation ritual! You will be glad you did!!


It is indeed a blessing to have discovered HIDDEN POWER UNIVERSITY on Youtube. The Professor and Mrs. RA are living examples of DIVINE SOURCES for the purposes for humanity. More importantly, they enthusiastically share this enlightenment knowing that every area and level of our lives will benefit, for which I am extremely appreciative. The remarkable Ausarian Spiritual Bath created a new beginning for me. As a 1) spiritual, 2) mental, 3) physical being, I continue to experience a state of oneness, as my 3-parts are functioning altogether as one mechanism. Love, Joy, Peace, and Blessings, Janice Marie Singleton

Excellent information

Thank you four sharing this information.. Keep teaching the people! Stay blessed!

Pleasantly surprised...

I had my doubts but I said, "What the heck... it's only 7 bucks, I want to support the brother anyway." WOW! I' so glad I did! I feel AMAZING! Thank you!!!

A New Dawn and a New Me

So I took the bath the night of the eclipse after praying and washing my hair at the beach to clarify my scalp and leave the negativity behind me. I swear after taking this bath I turned on the lights to look in the mirror for a sec I didn't recognize myself. I believe my frequency did rise even a little bit. Definitely happy with this tool. Greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

I feel much lighter and higher vibration

I felt much lighter,after taken the bath. Could feel higher vibration after doing the bath. Thank you Ra!