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I must say that the Supreme Gold truly works wonders! The difference in my function when it is in my system is mind-blowing! My mind functions super fast and there is also a very noticeable clarity in my thinking and the astuteness in my decision making. I have been taking the Supreme Gold now for a few months and it is without a doubt worth every penny!! I give thanks to Master Naazir and his team for making this possible. May God continue to bless Master Naazir and the HPU family abundantly forever more.


My wife and I have LOVE THE GOLD!!! More mental acuity and sharpness throughout the day (works well with the Man of Steel, Ready 4 Action! and the Alkaline pH drops!!! Working as an IT Analyst, I'm able to resolve technical challenges more quickly and efficiently to the point where my manager & team members wonder why I have more free time at work!!! Looking forward to trying the Supreme Platinum, Iridium and Silver !!! We definitely recommend the Supreme Gold as an excellent start!!!

Keeps me mentally sharp

Ok I must say I paid a pretty pennie for 2-pak but hey it was all worth it! I will continue as well. I love how it keeps me sharp with my memory, helps improve my energy and gives my a beautiful glow. And I must say Hidden Power Wellness has excellent customer service, I was very impressed how they took care a little mix up with my order very well by showing efficient, prompt and professionalism to take care my order. This is how business gets me to be a Loyal Customer. Thank U! :)

Absolutely the Best!!

I am a Driver at Night..so I am sitting in a vehicle for a lot of hours. Taking the Gold allows me to combat Driver Fatigue. Supreme Gold is Absolutely the Best!!

A must have

This liquid gold product is much more than I could have even thought or imagined! To begin I'm starting to remember my dreams so much more vividly. My brain is becoming more like a super computer. Far more it feels. I'm seeing things play out before it actually happens. Able to read peoples minds much easier. Almost to easy, even without trying. I can literally feel negative vibrations bounce off me. As a strong empath I tend to absorb everyones energy. Now I feel much more of me and my own energies. I can go on and on and may even make a video testimonial for this product it's that profound. I will not be caught without this alchemy period. I'm so greatfull to have this available to my reach. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Naazir Ra. I'm telling everyone about your products. Spreading the power! RA! A must have for empaths andeveyone in general must try this product at least 1 time. You will not want to be caught without this Alchemy.

A No-Brainer Deal

If you've done your research on the value of nanoparticle gold (and watched Naazir's recent video on it; top musical artists also partake), you'll see the importance of sparing no end to have a comfortable reserve of the liquid gold. I drink 2 capsizes daily and sip once every now and then throughout the day, knowing I've taken advantage of this deal. Gold nourishes your nervous system and brain, imbues it with electric energy, empowering the Ra force so we process with faster and vaster connections. My top buy from Hidden Power Wellness.

Excellent Product

The product definitely delivers as promised. Increased cognitive functioning, I can feel a glow coming from the crown chakra, and increased pineal gland activity. Highly recommend this product! Thank you Ra.

Gold is awesome

The best product I have ever used. My mind seems to be more under my control and memory increased. And just a overall ability to think smoother. Just a great product. I am ready to drink like a bottle a day lol.