• Helps skin regeneration, very effective in healing wounds and skin lesions.
  • Supports the production of melanin in the melanocytes in the skin.
  • Copper allows treats a wide range of skin irritations.
  • Improves firmness, softness and elasticity of skin.
  • Helps fill fine lines and wrinkles in skin
  • Copper promotes iron into the skin resulting in a cleaner looking skin
  • Copper promotes rapid growth of transplanted hair.
  • Kills fungus and bacteria that causes dandruff and itching.
  • Copper is used for regular scalp treatments
  • Copper helps prevent and reverse the graying of hair.
  • Copper improves the nutrient flow from by rebuilding capillaries.
  • Inhibits DHT, the hormone that causes alopecia (balding).
  • Copper helps to repair scalp damage due to chemical treatments.
  • No adverse side effects have ever been reported.
  • Does not interact or interfere with any medications.
  • Some settling may occur. Simply shake vigorously.
  • Does not require refrigeration after opening.
  • You should not use this product if you are allergic to copper!
  • Allergic reactions to copper, while not unheard of, are uncommon.


More Information

The benefits of copper for hair are no less important than the other benefits it offers. Copper is particularly beneficial for those healing their scalp and re-growing their hair after chemotherapy as they enlarge follicles and reduce the hair growth resting phase in the course of healing wounds.

Copper supports numerous enzymes that build up body tissues. It plays a role in the production of the skin pigment known as melanin by converting it from the amino acid tyrosine.  The Ebers papyrus from the eighteenth dynasty of ancient Egypt suggested that copper be used for rheumatism, eczema and arthritis. Copper is also essential for the synthesis of phospholipids which are a component of the myelin sheath that surrounds nerves. In this way, copper also contributes to better mental focus and clarity!

*Use after a warm cloth 2-3 times per day for maximum results.

**Shake product if natural settling occurs.

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Skin Glow in One Day

Just got the supreme copper a day ago, and I used it the day after and it already appears to have skin glow. Very very powerful product I love it. God bless you Naazir Ra and family, peace n love

Cleared up my acne fast

This copper face mist is 100% worth the buy because it cleared up my stubborn acne fast and tightened my pores. I just wish that it came with a refill bottle...

Copper tightens our skin very nicely

I am halfway finished with this product, so clearly it's working for me! I also use this on my child as well. Our skin appears more radiant, fresh, healthy looking, and since we have sensitive skin, I am able to use less of the other products. I also felt it was time to alter my skin care products quickly because the weather is getting colder and the Copper tightens our skin very nicely, leaving it less dry as I expected. Keep doing what you do HPW!


Well, let me start with saying that my skin was already beautiful but what it has done for my hair and body continue to amaze me. I will purchase this product again thank you for this product.

This Is Alchemy & A Jewel

Alchemy and a jewel, not an understatement. Copper is so essential to our health on so many levels, I am in gratitude to have Naazir as my source for receiving its nourishment daily. I drink a capsize full once per day and sometimes twice. The mist is unparalleled in convenience, and with its blend of silver nano-particles, I spray it on my upper body and face. It does nourish the skin and I have noticeably increased vigor in the muscles, a general strengthening of health. No doubt I derive enjoyment from applying both ancient wisdom and advanced technology, and I continue to learn about copper, how our ancestors had those first copper mines in Africa, and why copper/turquoise were so highly valued. This is an essential alchemical element to add to the daily regimen.

The best skin care I've ever had

I encountered immediate results, I highly recommend this alkaline mineral over any substances in stores.

Clear skin! FINALLY!!

I have suffered with acne for 10 years. After years and years of experimenting with poisonous products on the market, I decided to change my diet, and it worked. My skin cleared up, but I was left with dark scars. I assumed the scars would clear quickly, but three years later, they were still chillin. I tried the Supreme Copper pack and 30 days later, I only have a few scars left. They have faded away! The few scars that remain are very light and are on their way out! I can't believe it! I have not seen my skin or freckles in 10 years due to all the dark scars! I can't tell you how great it feels to be reunited with my skin and freckles. :) I receive compliments all the time from people who knew my struggle. I am being told my skin is glowing! I HIGHLY recommend this product! I believe all of your products have contributed to my new GLOW! If you are suffering from acne and/or dark scars, order the Supreme Copper Pack ASAP! It's worth the money, and you will see results FAST! Thank you, HPU/HPW! :)

Copper Pack/Ra-Drops

Hello all, I'm just wanting to say that I love these products. I use my Supreme Copper pack everyday and I noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my skin. I notice that my skin tone is more even than before. I've only been using these products for a month and I can tell the difference. I will be buying more products. Thank you.