Put the other meditation CDs back on the shelf! This download comes with triple technology for triple the POWER!

- 2 Guided Meditations

- 2 Spiritual Baths

- 1 Subliminal Track


In the realm of higher esoteric practices the critical rule of thumb is, "Protection First." The technology embedded in this meditation will transform you into a highly armored military TANK! Negative rituals, sigils, spells, psychic attack or even the evil eye will have a hard time penetrating this iron-clad, rock solid line of spiritual defense. Do not wait until you are under attack to invest in protection, if you wait too long then your efforts can actually make your situation worse! Be proactive, fortify yourself and your family first!

Subliminal Affirmations 

1- Every aspect of my mind and spirit is divinely protected.

2- I am eternally indestructible in all ways, always.

3- All my experiences empower me.

4- All materials and substances nourish me.

5- Divine Order instructs all my thoughts, words and deeds.

6- Supernatural protection engulfs me at all times.


After we have mastered culture, universal law, history and higher dietary habits we now qualify for the ultimate prize: SPIRITUAL POWER! With this meditation, "consciousness" begins to really to pay off!! It will powerfully awaken dormant abilities within you by stimulating your Pineal Gland and simultaneously awaken Dormant DNA. It is all done by tapping into the delta brain wave state known as trance.

Subliminal Affirmations 

1- My intuition gets stronger every day and night.

2- I have amazing spiritual power and divine abilities.

3- My Higher Self is emerging more and more everyday.

4- I get clear messages and guidance from the spirit.

5- My spiritual and mental power increases every day.

6- I have total trust in my intuition.

7- I believe in myself 100% and I am convinced of my spiritual abilities.


iPhone Instructions (Google account required)

1. Purchase the product (MP3 download)

2. Download the MP3 to your computer

3. Go to your Google Drive and upload the MP3

4. Get the app "Offline Music" FREE from the the App store

5. Open the "Offline Music" app on your phone and select "Import"

6. Choose "Connect to Cloud"

7. Select "Google Drive"

8. You should see the file on the screen

9. Select the download icon, then play it!


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An amazing product

This is an amazing product felt wonderful after using I particularly enjoy and benefited from the protection meditation perfect for deflecting negativity I'd highly reccomend :)

GOOD BUY! Highly recommended!!


Very powerful

I love these meditations and ive only used the power bath but i added my own twist to it but it was calming and i had tons of energy the next day...i like to add my own stuff so tht it also has my own personal intent and energy in it