No matter how many times you've tried to lose weight, you will now be successful! Our subliminal technology unleashes the vast storehouse of power that lies buried within the subconscious. In heightened states of receptivity, trigger words and phrases anchor a slim mind-set that eliminates self-sabotage and gives you access to your most vibrant, vital self. Becoming trim, toned and terrific has never been easier!

How to use:

1. Listen on repeat as you sleep at night for best results.

2. Listen during the day as background music.

3. Excellent for meditation.

3. Start with 20-60 minute sessions for 21 days 

4. Then use as needed

*DO NOT use at times when you need to stay alert such as driving.


iPhone Instructions (Google account required)

1. Purchase the product (MP3 download)

2. Download the MP3 to your computer

3. Go to your Google Drive and upload the MP3

4. Get the app "Offline Music" FREE from the the App store

5. Open the "Offline Music" app on your phone and select "Import"

6. Choose "Connect to Cloud"

7. Select "Google Drive"

8. You should see the file on the screen

9. Select the download icon, then play it!

Congats! You now have the subliminal on your iPhone! Listen anytime using the "Offline Music" app. 

Affirmation Examples:

1. I am dedicated to looking amazing everyday!

2. I drink plenty of water. 

3. My meals consist of small portions of healthy foods.

4. I enjoy being slim, toned and looking great!

5. I enjoy eating healthy fruits and vegetables.

6. I look forward to exercising.

7. I buy foods that are healthy.

8. I notice my body becoming slimmer and more toned.

9. I love myself and I look amazing! 

*This program is embedded with powerful subliminal technology. You will witness dramatic results if done correctly. Put your seat belt on!

Don't delay your transformation any longer! 


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Great music with "Hidden Power!"

Basir Ra on Apr 25th 2019

Love the tunes very relaxing & also uplifting. The cherry on top is knowing its filled with the power inside that helps trains your mind & powers your intent.