FACT: The #1 reason people are not successful is because of PROCRASTINATION that blocks them from following through with the ACTIONS needed to be successful!

SOLUTION:  You must reprogram your subconscious mind to take MASSIVE ACTION to achieve your goals!

RESULTS: You WILL see a drastic improvement in your ability to follow through and consistently TAKE ACTION to reach your goals!


Affirmation Examples:

1. Everyday I take massive action and achieve my goals!

2. I wake up every day full of energy and passion.

3. I get everything done with joy and passion!

4. I always use my time wisely and efficiently.

5. I enjoy abundant success because I take affirmative action!

6. I am unstoppable because my actions build momentum.

7. I am a "do it now" person that gets things done!


How to use:

1. Listen with headphones in the morning for best results.

2. Listen during the day as background music.

3. Do not use at night; may interfere with sleep.

4. Start with 20-60 minute sessions for 7 days 

5. Then use weekly or as needed.

iPhone Instructions (Google account required)

1. Purchase the product (MP3 download)

2. Download the MP3 to your computer

3. Go to your Google Drive and upload the MP3

4. Get the app "Offline Music" FREE from the the App store

5. Open the "Offline Music" app on your phone and select "Import"

6. Choose "Connect to Cloud"

7. Select "Google Drive"

8. You should see the file on the screen

9. Select the download icon, then play it!

*This program is embedded with powerful subliminal technology. You will witness dramatic results if done correctly. Put your seat belt on!

Don't delay your transformation any longer! Your time is NOW! 


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Procrastination Gone

Derrick Mbugua on Jan 25th 2024

Purchased this download and can confirm it works. It raised my productivity levels and drive, grateful to hpw for providing all the abundant resources.