Put the other meditation CDs back on the shelf! This download comes with triple technology for triple the POWER!

- 2 Guided Meditations

- 2 Spiritual Baths

- 2 Subliminal Track


As divine spiritual beings residing in an abundant universe it is our birthright to live abundantly. However, false beliefs and erroneous thinking block us from experiencing the abundance that is all around us.

Use this meditation to banish the blocks to wealth in your subconscious mind and replace them with powerful wealth building ideas and beliefs that will magnetize you to attract the wealth and abundance that you deserve. I you truly love yourself, invest in the tools to create the BEST life experience for yourself and your family!

Subliminal Affirmations

1- I now accept the rich rewards I deserve.

2- Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

3- The Universe is abundant. I live in abundance.

4- I have positive cash flow right now and always.

5- My mind gives me ideas that create abundance.

6- I easily attract the resources to increase my wealth.

7- Everyday I am more happy, joyful and prosperous.


We can have all the wealth and riches that this world has to offer and it will mean nothing if we don't have anyone to share it with. Love and intimacy is not a desire, it is a basic human need! Use this CD to powerfully magnetize yourself to attract the perfect partner to share your life with.

Subliminal Affirmations

1- My heart is full of love.

2- I am now ready to love again.

3- I welcome love with warm open arms.

4- I love myself deeply and unconditionally.

5- I am a magnet for divine love and romance.

6- My perfect partner is drawn to me effortlessly.

7- I have attracted the most loving person in my life.


iPhone Instructions (Google account required)

1. Purchase the product (MP3 download)

2. Download the MP3 to your computer

3. Go to your Google Drive and upload the MP3

4. Get the app "Offline Music" FREE from the the App store

5. Open the "Offline Music" app on your phone and select "Import"

6. Choose "Connect to Cloud"

7. Select "Google Drive"

8. You should see the file on the screen

9. Select the download icon, then play it!

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Amazing Results! Just Get It!!

I took my abundance spiritual bath last night and the universe delivered immediately. I run an airbnb business and as we know due to COVID business has been extremely slow. I was booked this morning !!!!

Be Prepared for Abundance

I've been using the Abundance Meditation for almost a year now and it works every single time I listen to it; to the point even if I hit the play button for a few seconds by accident. I will tell anyone, these Meditation CDs have changed my Perspective, Perception and Mindset overall. Changed my life! 5 stars


I meditate on this often and the results are amazing. I am more peaceful and have a knowing now that abundance is my birthright. I must admit a lot of junk in my spirit started surfacing hard regarding money issues and old belief systems but daily meditation with this download as a guide plus the spiritual bath has really changed my life within months. I have received financial blessings! I have acquired an elegant living space! I just want to give thanks to Naazir & his family, HPU and all those affiliated. I have learned so much through your teachings and plan on continued growth under your knowledge. I AM STEPPING UP TO MY POWER! Sincerely, Pam Walker


I’ve Done The Abundance Bath So Far And All I Can Say Is That It’s The Truth! Review Coming Soon Thanks Family.

Very clever & well thought out

I absolutely love this product! The way our Master teacher designed this is genius, truly. By combining love & abundance brother Naazir teaches the importance of having love in your life to enjoy the abundance you seek. On a deeper level the meditations helped me reach a state of total relaxation like never before. When I listen to the subliminal affirmations I can feel the synapses in my brain getting stronger, synchronizing my right & left brain hemispheres! This is very clever & well thought out. Thank you so much HPU!