Genuine Turquoise, Iron, Copper & Quartz Crystals

- Throat and 3rd eye spiritual centers

- Health, wealth and vitality

- Spiritual healing and rejuvenation

- Excellent for wealth accumulation

 22" stainless steel chain included

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I'm enjoying my Generator! I can still can feel the energy coming from my Generator after I had received it about 4 weeks ago. I just want to say thank you Naazir Ra and your family ! Peace and love!

Amazing Technology!

The Wealth & Health Master Generator has now become my number ONE generator! As soon as I received it, I felt its magnetising power. The generator stimulates such clean energy. It really does work to enhance health and vitality; and also augment spiritual strength. Truly amazing technology! God bless Master Naazir for making this technology available to us.

High-Level Technology! It works!!

Turquoise is a rare stone for a reason; it's a powerful energy source valued for thousands of years. It's become my main generator. The energy is clean and fortifying. Combined with the iron, quartz and copper, I can sense the increase in vital wealth opportunities and inner abundance. It augments my own. This is top-notch technology. IT WORKS!