Genuine Turquoise, Moon Stone, Iron, Copper & Quartz Crystals

- Throat and 3rd eye spiritual centers

- Health, wealth and vitality

- Spiritual healing and rejuvenation

- Excellent for wealth accumulation

 22" stainless steel chain included

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I can say it works I'm not going to Spill the secrets of what it does. You have to buy it and see for yourself it is worth it you will not be disappointed.


I am glad I bought this product! Before I even charged it I felt something immediately! I will wear it to work under my shirts to keep my spirits up, thanks.

Happy customer

On the day I received my Ra generator I had a lot of drama going. I was like “man I’m sending this s*** back”, lol little did I know it was actually helping me do something I should’ve done some time ago which was cut off some people that did me no good. Yesterday it showed me how powerful it really was. This necklace is very powerful every time I wear it I feel untouchable and lucky! Overall I love the product very satisfied.


I ordered my wealth & health master generator on May 31,2018 and it was delivered to by June 4! So I charge it up and start wearing it. Now I have applied for jobs and wasn’t getting any call backs or anything before I got this generator. I put in a application with company on June 8th and by the end of the week I was called so I can get interviewed! Now mind you I need two years of experience to get the job! So I wanted to the interview on June 11th and take a drug test and do some others things to show that I was capable of doing the job correctly. So as of June 14th of I’m hired with this new company! Would like to thank Yahweh first for letting me found Naazir Ra then I would like to thank Naazir Ra for sharing this powerful tool for everyday uses! Peace and Love to you Naazir Ra and your family!


I'm enjoying my Generator! I can still can feel the energy coming from my Generator after I had received it about 4 weeks ago. I just want to say thank you Naazir Ra and your family ! Peace and love!

Amazing Technology!

The Wealth & Health Master Generator has now become my number ONE generator! As soon as I received it, I felt its magnetising power. The generator stimulates such clean energy. It really does work to enhance health and vitality; and also augment spiritual strength. Truly amazing technology! God bless Master Naazir for making this technology available to us.

High-Level Technology! It works!!

Turquoise is a rare stone for a reason; it's a powerful energy source valued for thousands of years. It's become my main generator. The energy is clean and fortifying. Combined with the iron, quartz and copper, I can sense the increase in vital wealth opportunities and inner abundance. It augments my own. This is top-notch technology. IT WORKS!