Genuine Tiger Eye, Copper, Iron & Quartz Crystals

 - #1 Generator for masculine energy 
 - Excellent protection and fortification
 - Imbues courage, self confidence & personal power
 - Amplifies life-force & sexual stamina (Solar Plexus)
 - Stimulates insight, clear thinking and decisiveness

  22" Stainless steel chain included. 

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Protection is the key. Without protection you will not feel safe on your journey to discover yourself you need that protection.

Immediate Results!

The first day after charging my generator I decided to wear it while sleeping. I ended up lucid dreaming where the "characters" in the dream tried to antagonize me ended up running from me. I felt so much power from this experience. I never felt or had this experience before as far as I can remember. 5 stars!

Life changer

Life changing, ever since I've received my RA Generator the majority of the problems I used to experience are not there anymore. I am also more alert, focused and enjoying life thank you Naazir RA for making this technology available. Love & Light


The day I ordered this generator I got two job offers... The day it came A huge flying bug that I’ve never seen before flew on top of me as I was signing for the package. Then two days later at night I decided to meditate with the generator in my hand I suddenly became super energetic and a lot of vivid visualizations of gold came to me, I started feeling more connected with my perceived reality. A very intense tool so far.

Beautiful but even more powerful

The very night I ordered my generator talking to my Queen and a hair brush just fly's off the dresser and I hadn't even had it yet. Crazy right demons in the midst now the ultimate test begin when I put it on I decided that I would go out with my Queen and we will play pool that was a different vibe in the club as soon as I entered it's like they played nothing but love songs! And family-based music I only stayed about an hour maybe two but in my stay it was nothing but peace in a club which is highly unusual now as soon as I decided to depart me and my Queen a fight broke out as soon as we were leaving and it was chaos as I looked back towards the club all I can say is people get your protection in place again thank you Naazir Ra and to the whole HPU family PEACE & LOVE

Ultimate Protection Generaror

This is nice, I pick up the Generator and I could feel something move in my body. I did not even charge the Generator, so i know It was charge. Thank you for this Ultimate Protection.

Mind blowing!

I felt the power as soon a I held it in my hand. It felt like a buzzing, illuminating energy like I never felt before. Instantly, I felt more confident and unstoppable! AND IT DID NOT EVEN CHARGE IT YET!!