The Hidden Self: Book, DVD & Audio CD

The Hidden Self exposes the reader to a foundation of metaphysical thought. It is a backbone of scientific-spiritual information that helps the reader understand the nature of the mind, energy and consciousness. The Hidden Self gives the theoretical support needed to apply the "magical" techniques and practices revealed in The Hidden Power, which is part two in this powerful series.

You will Learn:

- The difference between the personality and the Self

- The metaphysics of the observer

- How to free your mind of limitation

- The concepts of the id-entity, Christ-consciousness and the Self

The Hidden Self Collection Includes:

- The Hidden Self Book by Naazir Ra

- The Hidden Self Documentary (Naazir Ra and other renown scholars)

- The Hidden Self Audio CD

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I am so happy I stumbled across this book — someone shared a single page of it and on that single page was more info than 100 books combined. I knew I had to get the book myself — and wow, just wow. Get the book! I appreciated the signed copy I received, and although I’m not finished reading the book, I’m giving it 5 stars. This is a book you’ll read over and over. 10/10 highly recommend!! The author is truly a master at his craft.

Thought Provoking

I'm currently reading this and it is thought provoking. I have been struggling with my identity as a Muslim who was raised as a 5 percenter. I feel like i have found my true identity. There is a sense of awakening. I found the key my spirit feels right finally. Thank you Brother Naazir Ra

Excellent Products & Service

The products come well packaged and with quick delivery. Also, the customer service response time is fast. This company is doing business the right way!

Meaningful & I want to learn more

I rarely read a book the second time around but I have no choice but to reread them because I feel there are other jewels that I may have over looked. It is easy to understand and yet to really break the details inside my mind in order for me to not only comprehend but to apply in my life is very important. It is like a guide to where my spirit have been telling me to go all this time. Much appreciation! Thank you!

The Hidden Self a must have!

I love this triple set combo. You get the signed book in hand when ready to read. The DVD to watch on the big screen and the CD to listen while cruising to where you need to be. Very Enlightening! All to keep you on the frequency.

The Hidden Self

I’m so glad I purchased this book! Great and informative, especially when you have been searching for answers. I can’t wait to expand and learn more! I will definitely purchase more items from here.

Great book

Its worth reading for people that want to learn about your self. You gotta read this book if you haven't, it would teach you how to think and i'm looking forward to get more of your products and become the member I appreciate for your teaching Naazir Ra.