The Hidden Self exposes the reader to a foundation of metaphysical thought. It is a backbone of scientific-spiritual information that helps the reader understand the nature of the mind, energy and consciousness. The Hidden Self gives the theoretical support needed to apply the "magical" techniques and practices revealed in The Hidden Power, which is part two in this powerful series.

You will Learn:

- The difference between the personality and the Self

- The metaphysics of the observer

- How to free your mind of limitation

- The concepts of the id-entity, Christ-consciousness and the Self

- The metaphysical anatomy of the SELF

- The secret science of thought and intent

- The Secret power of relationship

- Unity of all matter, thought and consciousness

- How to avoid the traps of the Societal-Matrix


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A really good read

If you've ever felt there's more to life than what organized religion presents to the masses, you should read this and gain some perspective.

Soul Awakening

This is the best introduction book to finding your true self. After reading this book I feel that things are so much clearer now. It is imperative that any truth seeker reads this book! After reading it I have a new mantra, "Step up to your power and unleash the God (Ra) in you". I will be purchasing many more of his books and products. Naazir Ra has an insight that is rarely seen and a confidence that is clearly warranted. Sincerely, Modia Nefer Ra


I've purchased this e book as well 4th density, to no surprise I'm throughly over pleased. I've been on my journey of knowledge of self for over a decade. I have came to the conclusion that HPU is the pinnacle on all aspects mind, body and the soul. Naazir Ra has quality products to cover all our needs.

Extremely insightful

The book is great comes with some good knowledge to help you in life highly recommend to anyone looking for better there life