Advanced studies in manifesting your intent using sacred mind power.

What you will learn:

  • How to discover and ignite your passion
  • How to amplify your personal power and magnetism
  • How to focus on energetic source reality to achieve your dreams
  • How to use the S.E.L.F. system to manifest your intent
  • How to use the metaphysics of time and destiny for your rise
  • How to take what you learned from The Hidden Self and apply it in your life!
  • ..... and much more!


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How to Manifest Your Dreams

This Book is absolutely amazing, along with the meditation tapes for protection and power the combination has manifested a new job for me after months of being not motivated to work because of my circumstances the best quote in the book for me was time and energy is all you have so take an inventory and so I did and my life is changing and I fall to tears because I had been down mentally for a long time but now I have something to strive for and I will absolutely Step up to my power with the master teacher thank you Naazir El Ra....

Awesome Jewels

This book is a must read for stepping up to your power! Naazir drops jewels here that are life changing. I gravitate to the knowledge this book presents using the S.E.L.F. System to elevate myself. I highly recommend Reading this book.


I really enjoyed this book! I actually took the time out on my off day to sit and read for hours to actually finish this and I feel empowered. I even took notes! I thought the stories that Naazir Ra added pertaining to himself were entertaining and I received the message behind them which was the most important part. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it is greatly appreciated!


This book is Golden, it's a great refreshment reminding us to continue to dream. "The Audacity to Dream" really resonates. This book is also liberating it can free you from detrimental programming we received from childhood or everyday living only if you apply it. I also like to think of this book as a guiding and shinning star twinkling letting me know I'm on the right track. I'm so excited to see what I have manifested just by reading these books I've manifested paper and not the kind you write on. Lol!


I wasn't sure what to expect but I stepped up to my power anyway. I'm sooo glad I did. This book is AMAZING! Real tools and powerful jewels to manifest your intent! Worth every penny!! Don't think about it-- GET IT!!