Get the most power out of your RA-POWER generator investment by charging them using the sacred geometry power of the HEXAGON!

Perfect solution for charging all your generators in the SUN! 


Hexagons are divinely omnipresent in nature and their properties are somewhat awe-inspiring. Still, we can explain much of the hexagon’s natural recurrence without resorting to religion.

On Saturn’s north pole, there’s an enduring cloud formation. But this is no ordinary cloud formation: it’s a very distinct hexagon! Each of the hexagon’s six sides is bigger than the Earth’s own diameter.

Scientists have put forth a handful of hypotheses about its cause — for instance, if you spin a bucket of water fast enough, the whirlpool becomes a hexagon!


The most obvious natural hexagon is the honeycomb, the geometrically perfect home for bees and their honey. Bees worldwide are extraordinarily adept at constructing uniform hexagons.

But beyond that, they themselves are are genetically encoded with the hexagon written into their eyes. Hexagons appear in honeycombs because they’re the most efficient way to fill a space with the least amount of material.

Hexagons are an extreme efficient use of space and they also are excellent at amplifying and conserving Ra-Power (Orgone) energy.


There’s a whole family of crystals that are hexagonal . Snowflakes are hexagonal . Both become macroscopic hexagons because their microscopic, molecular structures dictate that they become hexagons.


Most organic compounds have carbon backbones, as carbon is superabundant and bonds well with other elements. When one carbon atom bonds with another carbon atom, the bond angle is less 120 degrees.

But when six carbon atoms bond — due to electron pair repulsion — it’s an even 120! As a result, six bonded carbons — benzene — make a perfect hexagon, also known as a benzene ring!


Each box holds up to 12 generators. LIMITED SUPPLY! HURRY!! 

  • Clear glass panels and a sturdy brass metal frame
  • The hinged top lid allows you to place generators inside
  • Comes with a metal chain that keeps the lid from swinging back too far
  • Powerful sacred geometry HEXAGONAL charging 
  • Perfect for charging ALL your generators making them 10X more powerful!
  • *Official HPU gift product
  • SPECS: 4.75 W X 3.25 H X 4 D (in inches)


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I’ve found a new home for my babies! This power box is beautiful and the quality is amazing, but that is to be expected with HPU! I definitely feel the difference in the power of my Joy, Success & Good Fortune generator, which is my favorite generator of all time! It was powerful before, but now the energy is crazy! Thank goodness I jumped on this before it sold out! Thank you so much for this powerful gift!