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Benefits of Maca


1. Increases libido

Maca root is known to help increase libido. The most well-known benefit of maca root is its potential to increase libido.

2. Reduces erectile dysfunction

Maca root could also have benefits for people with erectile dysfunction (ED). A small study in 2009 looked at the effect of consuming 2.4g of maca root per day for 12 weeks on participants’ perception of their general and sexual well-being.

3. Boosts energy and endurance

Some athletes and bodybuilders use maca root as a supplement to increase energy and performance. Some evidence exists to support this.

4. Increases fertility

Another widespread use of maca root is to increase fertility, particularly in men.

5. Improves mood

Maca contains flavonoids, which are thought to improve mood and reduce anxiety. A study in 14 postmenopausal women found that maca may reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

6. Reduces blood pressure

It is possible that maca root can also help to improve blood pressure. The same 2015 study found that 3.3g of maca per day for 12 weeks lowered blood pressure in Chinese postmenopausal women.

7. Reduces sun damage

An older study in an animal model found that maca might help protect the skin from UV rays. Another animal study in 2011Trusted Source found that extracts from maca leaves might help prevent the formation of sunburn cells.

8. Fights free radicals

Maca root also promotes natural antioxidants in the body, such as glutathione and superoxide dismutase.

9. Reduces menopause symptoms

Some proponents of maca root believe it may help balance levels of the hormone estrogen.  

10. Improves learning and memory

According to research in 2006, maca root works directly upon two regions of the brain (the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland) to help boost focus. A later study found it may boost physical and mental energy, reduce stress, alleviate depression and calm anxiety while also stimulating brain activity.


Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris


  • Natural Testosterone Booster; tribulus extract is a 100% natural way to boost testosterone levels in women and men. 
  • Achieve higher testosterone levels and increase energy, stamina, libido and improved mood.
  • Enhance weight training results, weight loss and hair growth for men and women.
  • Blocks excess estrogen that causes excess fat, irritability, low libido, moodiness and lack of mental focus.
  • Increases lean muscle mass and decreases body fat in men and women.
  • Tribulus Terrestris gives you the ability to power through workouts and recover faster from heavy weight lifting and cardio sessions.


How Tribulus Terrestris Works…

Researchers have identified naturally occurring steroidal compounds in Tribulus terrestris.  These furostanol saponins stimulate testosterone production by suppressing estrogen hormone receptors. This results in the production of greater amounts of luteinizing hormone (LH) which in turn encourages the body, specifically the Leydig cells in the testes, to create more testosterone.

A recent study found Tribulus terrestris contributed to an increase in testosterone levels in men suffering from low testosterone.  Another study demonstrated ‘superior results’ in the rejuvenation of sperm count. 

The Benefits of Tribulus terrestris for Men’s Health

Normal testosterone levels contribute to a healthier libido, prostate health, fertility, and better sexual function – and satisfaction. Normal testosterone levels also encourage muscle development and contribute to weight loss. It is also known to help maintain energy levels, contribute to better sleep, stabilize mood, and promote a greater ability to deal with stress. All of which are known to decline with age and the onset of andropause.

Simply stated, a men and women need appropriate testosterone levels to stay fit and feel energized. Tribulus terrestris supports normal testosterone levels.

Who Should take Tribulus terrestris

This herb can offer protection against the many side effects that occur as a result of age and other testosterone lowering factors. It may provide natural support for a men and women as they age and his body struggles to produce testosterone. It also support the fight against estrogenic toxins. Many components of environmental pollution expose us to high amounts of estrogenic compounds, a factor known to lower testosterone levels in men and women.

Men suffering from low testosterone receive the greatest immediate impact from a supplement of, or including, Tribulus terrestris. It may also offer long-term prostate support for a man as he ages. Either way, with no observed side effects, it offers men and women a natural method to maintain testosterone levels… and physical, psychological as well as sexual health.


For best results take 2 in the morning with breakfast and 2 in the evening with dinner. 

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I tried this product for the first time and was very pleased. I experienced noticable results in increased libido, mood and energy. I would definately recommend this product family.


They work fast. I naturally felt energized and in good spirits. I felt as if I had gotten a goods nights rest and was ready for the day. Definitely gonna keep these in the house

Always Top Notch!

Products are top notch.


Love this product!!!!!!

Words can't describe...

A lot of these products you have to experience for yourself words can describe them. This is not the first and this is not the last time I will say that these products are what they say they are and they do what they say they're going to do! I am a supporter customer, friend, family and no they did not put me up to say this... Love you all


I'm always on the lookout for options to empower masculine energy and this TNT makes for a wonderful addition to my dietary intake. It's grounding and nourishing for my glandular system. How it invigorates the body is both subtle yet direct, and there's definitely spiritual power. Great choice!