Get all the benefits of Supreme Gold and Platinum in a convenient 2-pack bundle. 

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Really works

I've used these for over the course of a year and a half off and on and can honestly say it works! But you must actively move towards a specific goal. That is finishing a project for school or work, or hitting a high level on the game you gotta do something to get something out of it. This right here will help you get it done.

Great Products

My favorite gold and platinum supplements. These are HIGHLY ADVISED. Thank you

Gold & Platinum

These two products are amazing, the mental clarity, endurance and clairvoyance I received with consumption are unquestionable! I took the gold for a day straight and had a vivid dream very detailed and so when I went to sleep the very next night I started in the same place in my dream from the night before!! I was very aware of it, my mind was like damn this the same part of my dream from last night amazing!!! King Justize El


Next level greatness. Training at a higher level and feel amazing. Thanks and I am staying on it. About to reorder.

I love this product

Amazing this upgraded me to a whole other level highly recommended may the universe bless all of you and hidden power universty.

Absolutely amazing

Works exactly as described on the website! I am so grateful that I found Naazir and the Hidden Power University family! There is NOTHING out there that comes close! THANK YOU!!!

Love it!

I have more refined cellular control off of gold and platinum. Better intuition and all. LOVE IT!

FROM 0 TO 100! FAST!!

The gold and platinum package is the full spectrum. That’s a lot of power take the two, if you are feeling low fat as energy and you would like to go zero to 100, these two products will take you there. They work, their a great combination. The gold is powerful as it is. The platinum is just going to the next level. Sumimes it’s so strong I do not take it everyday because I’m still full of energy from the day before dose. I’ve tried quite a few products and just wanna say thank you for bring it and keeping your word in delivering a quality product. It’s worth every dollers. Step up to your power with this combination. Thank you Naazir and the HPU family!