Genuine Citrine, Green Aventurine, Iron, Copper & Quartz Crystals

- Stimulates creativity & self-esteem

- Great for business success, stimulates joy

- Grounds emotional body, libido boost

- Excellent for new businesses

 22" stainless steel chain included

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When I touched it I felt different and I am so calm, at peace.

Science is for people that can't do magic

It seemed like I could feel it getting closer in the mail. Once I checked the tracking after thinking about it. The clock was ahead one minute and said in transit on USPS. Thought that was cool. The day I got it I went to the beach to charge it where I was invited to a bond fire which ended up being me and a beautiful blondie. It seemed like she was fascinated with me. Pawing at me quite a bit. Even called me beautiful. Sleep time I hung my new generator above my head. I slept quite peaceful and in the morning I had a message from my ex. She had a dream about me and I guess it was really good because she is very receptive to me now. We are progressing like the past never happened. I ordered her a different one to keep our new magnetic powers oscillating at that elevated frequency. Over-all I do feel some adjustments going. Some subtle, some drastic! If you get a chance to walk by the ocean with your generator, you can see the edge of your electromagnetic repel the water as you walk. If you dont think its working, your own field might be super weak. It is a generator, not a fusion device. Next test, casino jackpot. They call me the Black Shingali. Stay up my people!!


Oh my this is the real deal. I'm sensitive to energy and boy this generator when I first held it in my hands I felt the energy like a wave. I've been feeling more joy I even have people tell me you look good my energy is brighther. Thank you so much Dayami

One of a kind

I finally got my generator...yayyyyy I did not know how I was going to pay for it, but as soon as the money was made available to me that was the first thing I had to get. Thanks for changing my life!


The force is truly special with this Joy, success & good fortune generator. I have just got it in the mail yesterday and even before opening it , I could feel its effects. This is definately a unique piece. As soon as I took it out of its case, I was able feel the pure energy radiating from it. Even before fully charging it, it has started to exude its positive effects. I have only worn it for a few hours so far and have noticed a positive change in my creativity and self-esteem. In addition to the above, it is a uniquely beautiful item, made of the highest quality , just like the rest of Master Naazir's products. It is obvious the moment you hold the generator in your hand, that it has been made with the utmost love and care. May God truly bless Master Naazir and the rest of the HPU family for making this generator available.


This generator looks slightly different from the one pictured on the website.. Still looks great. I know they are hand-made and no piece looks the same which makes sense. Anyway, I have charged it and I starting to feel my energy shift into more JOY and SUCCESS! Thank you!!


As soon as I received it in the mail two weeks ago I have been seeing shifts in my energy--- more joyful, optimistic with more confidence! I can feel good things coming to me. Yesterday, an associate finally (out the blue) paid me back $500 she owed me. I NEVER expected to see her again much less get my money back! I'll be reinvesting $300 of it at HPU! THANK YOU!!


I have invested in a joy, success and good fortune generator. Immediately after the arrival of my generator I opened it and the energy that flowed through me was amazing!!! I am in tune with my spirituality and can feel the slightest of energies, so I was expecting to feel something and even though I braced myself for the energy that was to come it was almost overwhelming in the most wonderful type of way. I instantly began to laugh and feel the joy inside of me because I knew exactly what was taking place. Even a novice beginning to tap into there own personal spiritual powers will definitely feel the energy surging from this generator. It's that powerful!!! I am also changing careers and the transition is going much smoother than I myself would have anticipated with success just around the corner. My confidence and energy levels are very high. I just want to thank Naazir Ra and the whole HPU family. Peace and love to you all!!!