Genuine Red Jasper, Carnelian, Copper, Iron & Quartz Crystals

- Boosts memory and mental focus

- Critical thought, imagination and motivation

- Supports grasping math and science concepts

- Organization, planning, structure "Grounding"

- Excellent for students, teachers and research

 22" stainless steel chain included

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Top notch quality

This is my 3rd Ra Generator and I haven’t found higher quality EMF then these. Aesthetically I haven’t found anything that looks as good, and you feel them before they arrive. When I received my ultimate protection generator I started having all sorts of problems with electronics so they definitely amply your vibe. You can also see the difference in your generators vs receiving new ones. You can tell that they are working! And since receiving the This one, I have experience increased clarity and focus. This stuff works, all of it.

Amazing mental focus & joy

WOW! It is a beautiful generator to look at with warm inviting colors. I got it recently in the mail..followed the instructions to activate it with my intention and charged it. I am experiencing amazing mental focus, very motivated to succeed like never before, I feel a calmness and joy. I will keep wearing it to grow and learn more great possibilities in my life. Thanks to Naazir Ra & The HPU Family.

Superb Technology!

Thank you for this amazing tech. It took me a while to get my hands on this one because i wanted to put it to the ultimate test. I am not dissapointed ,as always the product speak for itself. Learned a year worth of electrical course in a month and passed with flying colors. Retaining the info, brainstorming was simpler, memory is on point. Thank you for all you do guys. Bliss to you and yours.


Stunning piece of jewelry, aesthetically and spiritually captivating. The force is strong with this one as it called to me before I recalled it's existence. A Six Star Rating. It is definitely the one for me these days, I would love to buy all of the generators. Much love to the HPU. Peace