Genuine Fluorite, Hematite, Iron, Copper & Quartz Crystals 

- Deep soul level detox

- Spiritual healing from past life trauma 

- Spiritual grounding

- Transforms negative energy into positive energy

 22" stainless steel chain included


*This generator is excellent for those new to higher spiritual awareness who are still surrounded by negative people who try to hold you back.

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Detoxed My Soul

This Generator Necklace has Detoxed my soul and has allowed me to find my path. I feel as I'm I am the cleanest and purest form of myself ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great Investment

The first day I wore the ra-power generator my back arched and chest pushed outward several times as if negative energy was being absorbed by the generator. I’ve noticed a greater sense of courage to be myself and walk into my purpose since having this technology. It hasn’t even been a full week so I’m interested to see how it continues to improve me. Overall, this was a great investment. Step up to your power and invest in one!

Transformation to a new timeline

This generator has completely transformed my life in ways that surpass human explanation. I felt the effects of this intricately beautiful masterpiece & generator even before its arrival. Having this generator has allowed me to achieve a complete spiritual detox, which has enabled me to move forward by finding solutions and ways to deal with past trauma. As a result, I have since become more grounded and focused. In particular now that I am able to think more clearly and logically, I am able to differentiate what I need most, from what I just simply want in various aspects of my spiritual and physical life. This has led to a complete transformation and alteration of my timeline in much better alignment with my conscious path. To this I give great thanks to Naazir Ra - our guardian angel in human form.