24K GOLD RIZAAN  - Infused with 40mg of pure 24K gold powder

Gold is the most spiritual and alluring element on earth. It is also a very potent talisman against negative energies. Therefore, we have infused pure 24K fine gold powder into our classic Frankincense and Myrrh to further amplify its power! You will not find this ANYWHERE but Hidden Power Wellness --- blessed by Naazir El Neter Ra and infused with the blessings of our great ancestors.

*This is a VERY powerful aphrodisiac sent infused with pure 24K gold that penetrates the epidermis to nourish your skin, spirit and higher mind!  You must experience this! 



Are you still wearing commercial fragrances?

Wearing synthetic, alcohol-based colognes and perfumes rob us of all the therapeutic benefits of the natural essential oil and they are 95% toxic laboratory created scents. They make these fragrances in the same factories for kitty litter, fabric softener and air freshener. The alcohol opens your pores and allows these cancer causing toxins directly into your bloodstream. Never wear alcohol-based synthetic fragrances! These toxins are so potent that even the aroma carries dangerous cancer causing chemicals into the body when you smell it!

RIZAAN is a blend of natural oils without the use of alcohol. Our ancestors rubbed oils over their entire body. The aroma was released by body heat and the natural herbal extracts entered their skin for a multitude of benefits for the body, mind and spirit!

This ancient Kemetic formula will help awaken your genetic memory and to assist your spiritual ascension.


An Ancient Healthier Alternative

Stop spraying alcohol-based toxins on your body! Tap into the culture of your ancestors with RIZAAN, a natural oil-based body rub for men and women. Activate thousands of years of genetic memory of your greatness and smell fabulous in the process. 

Egyptians had full clarity and knowledge of the principles behind mind-body medicine. Writings in the scroll show the awareness and belief that mental and physical illness is one in the same.  Their in-depth knowledge of plants and herbs is first class when we look at the various recipes, many of which resemble modern formulas for healing and cosmetic purposes.

Women did not dress without washing. After washing, they rubbed their body down with scented oil then they placed a large rectangle of linen over their heads, gathered the loose corners up and tied them in a knot below the chest. 


In 1500 B.C., the Ancient Africans of Kemet wrote the Ebers Papyrus, which contains information on over 850 plant medicines, including garlic, juniper, cannabis, castor bean, aloe, and mandrake. It also contained the recipe for their daily body oil. This formula was used as a unisex perfume, skin and hair moisturizer, insect repellent, aphrodisiac and massage lubricant. Closely associated wit the goddess Auset, it was used as an agent to dispel depression in men and women.

RIZAAN is a blend of natural oils without the use of alcohol. Our ancestors rubbed oils over their entire body. The aroma was released by body heat and the natural herbal extracts entered their skin for a multitude of benefits for the body, mind and spirit!

This ancient Kemetic formula was resurrected to awaken our genetic memory and to assist us on our journey into higher consciousness.


Base notes: musk, woods

Middle notes: succulent, herbal

Top notes: warm spice

 *This formula contains strong sensual and healing energies for both males and females. Excellent for the Tantra Arts.

 **Avoid use in pregnancy.

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Awesome Fragrance

Wonderfully refreshing scent. I have recieved alot of compliments as well.

Now that's Power!

Let me just say after 2 dabs and a sniff ..Another order was placed..the scent lingered even after showering..this Oil is as described it will definitely bring you out of a Funk scented and mooded...Rizaan Oil ❤❤❤


This smells ABSOLUTELY amazing! I use it when I get out of the shower! A little bit goes along way! The smell is powerful AND subtle-if you can dig that! This scent literally takes you to another level spiritually! I feel refreshed and energized!

My mind escaped from reality with one inhale

#1 This oil is the TRUTH!!! The smell is amazing, my mind escaped from reality with one inhale. I was having a stressful day and my package arrived right on time. I opened set my intention prayer, rubbed a few drops in my hand, inhaled, rubbed my temples and behind my ears. Baby let me tell you, all that stress was gone within a blink of an eye. I'm hooked, sold and will be reordering again. So happy I took the leap to invest in a wise Man/ Queen and myself. Warning!!! you will feel refreshed and a scene of calmness. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.


I got a sample of it in the mail with my order and wow!! The smell is outstanding!! I put some around my throat & on my forhead and i instantly felt enlighten with a beautiful uplifted energy!! I also gave some to my wife & my father and mother and i can instantly read their body language get happy our of no where and i automatically know this is putting in work!! Hard to explain but going to purchase both scents soon ! Thanks naazir!!


I got a sample in my order & before I opened it I thought it would smell harsh like an Ouhd. Most of my perfumes are very fresh & light. This has a woody sweetness that is young yet sophisticated. I would imagine this is what Lauryn Hill smells like lol! I have to get a full size now

Amazing smell

This oil smells so good, it has a clean fresh floral scent and it last on your skin all day long. I tried so many different oils in the past but this one by far exceeded my expectations! This is now my go to oil for everything even when I'm just sitting around the house. I love the smell after you take your shower or bath and put it on wow unbelievable. I will buy again. Thanks for this amazing oil HPU

Exceeded my expectations

Completely exceeded my expectations. Just a beautiful, beautiful, product. Subtle but extremely powerful. Everything about it is perfect.