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BREAK FREE from the spell of spiritual ignorance and take a quantum leap in your ascension TODAY!

*All books signed by the author. 

- 6 week home study program
- Learn in an organized disciplined manner
- Learn in the comfort of your home
- Save time and money by investing in bulk
- All course materials produced by Naazir Ra 

WEEK 1: The Hidden Self Set 

WEEK 2: The Hidden Power Set 

WEEK 3: The Access Codes to Zion Set 

WEEK 4: The Metaphysics of Christ and the Angelic Realm DVDs 

WEEK 5: The Metaphysics of Destiny 1, 2 & 3 

WEEK 6: Break Free, Light Body and Kundalini Science DVDs 

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Powerful Awakening

I am studying this course. Great awakening. Not done yet.

Powerful Course

Strong and powerful information that improved my life. The course was mind blowing with amazing facts. Im glad I made the purchase it felt good investing in myself and getting the right knowledge from the right teacher. I was not disappointed at all. After course my spirit wanted more so I stepped up to my power and became a member! Salute to Naazir Ra...Organized Knowledgable Powerful Master Teacher!!

NAAZIR RA'S - 6 Week Home Study Course

I finish reading the books, which re-force some information I already had a understanding of, and gave me a new awareness to more information and prospective to continue this journey I am on. The books are written to the point and with examples, leaving out unnecessary fluff to make the book 300 pages. I recommend this course a must for anyone searching for spiritual understanding. Can't wait to go through the DVD's . Love and Light to the brother NAAZIR RA.


All of the books are a must have for your personal library!

Great knowledge

All though I've received the books and dvds a short time ago, I have not had the chance to complete it all, but by what I've read and watched so far it is beyond amazing! The videos he has on YouTube is like a preview of what the videos and reading is. I feel so empowered and enlightened after watching. This is a must have and I can't wait to finish!

Get in-formation!!!!

Wow! I am in awe of all of the knowledge that is in this course! I received everything in a timely manner and I am definitely buying another course as soon as I am done with this one! Thanks for taking the time to put these courses together!!! If you are going to invest in your knowledge start here I know for a fact you won’t go anywhere else!!!!

Exceeded My Expectations--Highly Recommended!

I'm very grateful to HPU for offering this superior quality collection at an affordable price. After viewing and reading the self-paced material--and from my experience of attending other spiritual conferences--I know for a fact a collection of resources like these is usually offered at $1,000. By bringing these ancient mystery school teachings to us at a very accessible level demonstrates to me the high level of the HPU team's commitment to reach as many folks as possible--as quickly as possible. Invest in yourself by investing in this reference set. You too will be blown away by these teachings and become more motivated to explore further and grow higher.

6 week home study course

I really like this course, it's diverse and informative and keeps your attention. Naazir Ra is even humurous at times and keeps it fun. Worth the money.