• Gold electroplated over Stainless Steel
  • Hypoallergenic, Comfort Fit
  • Resistant to rust, corrosion and tarnishing
  • 20" Gold electroplated chain included

Now you can wear the timeless symbol of POWER, FREEDOM and VICTORY close to your heart with our exclusive HERU MEDALLION! This beautiful piece is forged from pure stainless steel and electroplated with pure 18K gold so it never needs polishing and will never tarnish. Steel is also the metal of the divine masculine archetype known as Shango in West Africa. Steel carries strong energies of courage, discipline and perseverance. Gold represents spirituality, perfection and divine connection. Together, they carry powerful energies to help take you to the next level! 

Spiritual Meaning

This is the royal symbol of Heru or the Pharaoh who is the physical representative of God on earth! Wear this to awaken your divine royalty as viceroy of creation. The hawk presents keen insight, supreme consciousness and divine intelligence. Wear this to amplify your power to live righteously and submit to TRUTH / MAAT and thereby be protected on your spiritual journey.

*This is a divine masculine symbol and should only be worn by indigenous melanated men only.



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Holding this in my hand upon opening the package was a special experience. Can sense the blessed intentions put forth by Naazir Ra into the Heru medallion. It radiates power just like the other generators. The gold and steel combination stimulates my Shango/Heru power to take the rightful place as a divine king. Thank you Naazir for the prolific work you do!