This spiritual bath ritual will align you with the female archangel Hanael who rules over blessings of success, money and abundance! Get ready for wonderful financial opportunities and blessings!! 

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Wow really works

You have to experience for yourself but I can say this and I will put this information out I have never spent money off my card and see it still there I have never went to a restaurant and gotten free food! The universe now works in my favor! Naazir Ra has the absolute BEST wellness and ascension products!


I promise this spiritual bath works! I recommend everyone to do this. I’m doing a video review on it soon thanks family.

It works! Money coming in!!

After performing this ritual which has amplified my intent with nothing but good will in my heart........ I have experience financial gain and abundance in my first week that it was pleasantly spooky because of everything was in sync. It's like money was just coming to me from many different avenues. Thank you Naazir Ra and to the whole HPU staff. Much love

Money Bath Ritual is Awesome

Yes, these are very powerful ingredients and yes I felt the energy right away! Thanks Naazir Ra

In seconds.. I felt the energy.

After a few seconds I actually felt the energy through my body. Different opportunities are coming as well, so if it's done correctly it works! Thank you so much!

Money now comes effortlessly

Money comes effortlessly with this ritual! I found two checks, I hadn't cashed, money in the dryer and my phone is ringing off the hook with new customers!

All I can say is WOW!

The instruction tell you not to talk about your results.... All I can say is WOW! YES IT WORKS!!

Money Bath

POWER! Action! Taking Flight! The bath Automatically affected my root chakra .....which was out of balance !! Well it was completely closed. VERY powerful! Opening several doors of opportunities. Thank you. Ayo The Root chakra is particularly about connecting to the ground. Expressions like "Be on firm ground" and "Getting on your feet again" convey a good connection and an open Root chakra. "To lose ground" and "Getting swept off your feet" convey a closed (or almost closed) Root chakra. When your Root chakra is closed too far, you may actually feel that your feet don't seem to really touch the ground. This is an exercise to strengthen this connection to the ground. Stand up straight and relaxed. Put your feet shoulder width apart. Slightly bend your knees. Put your pelvis somewhat forward. Keep your body balanced, so that your weight is evenly distributed over the soles of your feet. Sink your weight downward. Keep in this position for several minutes.