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Genuine Malachite, Aventurine, Iron, Copper & Quartz Crystals 

- Stimulates determination and persistence
- Business leadership, expansion through courage 
- Enhances energies needed to build an empire!
- Amplifies vision needed for million $$ team! 

 22" stainless steel chain included

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Divine Masculine

I usually don’t write a review, but I have to on this one because it deserves attention. I notice my masculinity going somewhere with this with Man of Steel in the morning in an empty stomach. The reason why I bought this is because I want to turn the energy in my work place into a vibration of the heart chakra. It did that, but it also improved courage and confidence. I really appreciate this because this is the type of masculine energy I want to get to. If only I have the genetics of a masculine man. For now in this incarnation, this will help


It's breathtaking... Although it's early I feel it has a personality. It is alive! And its here to serve me. I don't want to label it as "genie in a bottle" but has that effect of it. When I think, I manifest!

Empire Generator

This is an amazing product. I cant explain it. The intent that I put in this generator started working asap. The confidence boost was crazy! The indecisiveness is gone I'm able to make the decision faster and execute the objective without the negative thoughts that use to deter me in the past. It's like I've got this will do, just do it mentality that was not there before. The brain chatter has completely stopped I focus on the task and execute it and move to the next with ease. This is the power I've needed and thanks to HPU I have it. Thank you Naazir Ra for all you do you and your work are changing lives. It has changed mine I tell you words can't express. Thanks again for being you and give us some of it.