This product is a download of the spiritual bath and ritual instructions. It does not include needed supplies. 

This spiritual bath is excellent for women who want to remove the energy of ex boyfriends, ex husbands and sexual exploitation and molestation. 

Women are natural receptacles of energy: Spiritual, Psychic and Emotional. When a woman is intimate with a man she absorbs his energy and it becomes a part of her for life. This is why religions of old always stressed the virginity of wives taken in marriage. 

Science has recently discovered male DNA in the brains of women who have not had a male child.

The findings are controversial and thus suppressed due to the political implications of this DNA coming from previous male sex partners. The truth is, sperm cells burrow into the porous uterine and vaginal walls and enter the blood stream and living tissue of the woman depositing viable DNA.

FACT:  The sperm is the smallest cell in human biology next to the red blood cell, but also one of the most intelligent and complex. It is designed to transmit and deposit DNA with speed, tenacity and vigor! It is foolish to think that none of their DNA have entered your blood!

If you have had sex with multiple men YOU NEED THIS BATH! NOW!!


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Bipolar mood swings
  • Conflicted, Confused
  • Mental Illness 
  • Indecisive 
  • Masculine tendencies
  • Nymphomania
  • Indolent 
  • Spiritual attack 
  • Demonic possession 

BONUS: This download also includes a powerful 7 day cleansing ritual and how to construct an altar.

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