30-Day Supply of Our AMAZING SKIN TEA and TONIC

BACKGROUND: Poor skin quality is often a sign of excessive toxins in the blood. The skin is therefore used to help remove toxins from the body.

Poor skin quality is a serious red flag that can be a sign of parasites and fungus in the blood as well as liver and/or kidney failure. This is why it is critical that we support healthy skin from the inside-out

Our proprietary blend contains the most potent skin clarifying and toning herbs that nourish the liver and kidneys for healthy, vibrant skin.



  • Soother more supple skin
  • More even toned skin
  • Removal of dark spots on skin
  • Skin retains more moisture
  • Increased hair and nail growth
  • Fresher breath and improved body order
  • Enhanced mood and less anxiety
  • Better sleep and less brain fog 



  • Organic milk thistle seed
  • Organic barberry root
  • Organic burdock root
  • Organic fennel seed  
  • Organic dandelion root
  • Organic ginger root
  • Organic licorice root


2 teaspoons per 8oz of hot water every 2-3 days or daily as needed.


  • Take on an empty stomach twice a day (morning and before bed)
  • Drink plenty of Alkaline Water daily to flush out toxins

Results seen in 1-2 weeks or less!

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