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BREAK FREE! is comprised of about 6 hours of advanced sensitive spiritual teachings through Naazir El Neter Ra and is accompanied by two illustrated textbooks.

If your soul has guided you to this page, don’t hesitate to get this life-changing course! Don't miss this opportunity to take a quantum leap in your ascension process. The time is now! Take Action!! 


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Day one: Mental Parasite Self-Defense II

Session 1:

-          Parasite biology

-          Virology 101

-          Parasitic Infection

-          Extraterrestrial origins

-          Parasitic Mind Control (CRITICAL)

Session 2:

-          4th dimensional parasitic entities

-          Unveiling the Archons

-          Extraterrestrial parasitic species

-          The shadow people and the paranormal

-          Protection tools and technology

-          The significance of the archangel Michael

-          The power of Kabbalah

Session 3:

-          Kundalini Science Level 9 (CRITICAL)

-          Biblical blood sacrifice decoded

-          Kundalini “holy ghost” connection

-          What the chakras really are (CRITICAL)

-          Parasitic sponsored racial division

-          Parasite sponsored gender division

-          The matrix is REAL!

-          How to recognize psychic vampires

-          Holographic psychotronic mind control (CRITICAL)

Session 4:

-          How to think 4th dimensionally

-          True “chakra” balancing & healing (CRITICAL)

-          The 4 P’s of parasitic annihilation (CRITICAL)

-          Ra-Power Generator technology revealed

-          How to purify, fortify and protect your home and family

-          Our ultimate defense 


Day two: Cosmic Genetic Pathways to 4th Density II

Session 1:

-          Where is God and the Angels?

-          What is the true scale of the Universe?

-          Human, Humanoid and Non-human species in our galactic neighborhood

-          Interdimensionals and Electromagnetic species

-          Survey of major Human extraterrestrial species

-          The Giants of Old and Renown, Nibirans, Jehovah, Anu (CRITICAL)

-          Project Terra: The Creation of Earth-based humanity

Session 2:

-          The reality of our true galactic heritage

-          Extraterrestrial profiles from 3rd density to 12th density

-          Lyrans, Tau Cetians, Zeta Reticulians, Sirians etc…

-          Who are the melanated “grays?”

-          Who were the first entities to colonize this universe?

-          4th density explained

-          The nature of the parasitic Archons

Session 3:

-          Secrets of ascension and spiritual protection

-          What is soul entrapment and reincarnation

-          What anchors us on 3rd density

-          Our hidden assassin  (CRITICAL)

-          The reality and false reality of Karma (CRITICAL)

-          Soul contracts and Cosmic Law (CRITICAL)


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A life-changing study course!

I ordered this study course to learn about ascension. I had no idea it was going to change my life. This study course revealed to me that I was in a relationship with a parasite....for 16 YEARS! Prior to Hidden Power University, I was completely clueless! I’ve never heard of a human parasite. That relationship ended two weeks after I completed the study course, and I haven't heard from him since. During those two weeks, I analyzed his every move, and it was crystal clear who I was dealing with. Now I’m free to be my happy, loving self again, which is bad news for the beast! ;) I was in denial for a few months, but I’m finally putting myself back together again, and your products are definitely expediting the process! My friends and family are shocked that I’m happily moving on without being committed to a psychiatric ward. It’s all because I have finally found my HIDDEN POWER! I am in the process of creating a new life for myself, and I’m so excited to see what the Universe has in store for me! Thank you so much for creating this study course!

I was blown away...

I really feel this course will help any soul that's looking for guidance in protecting their energy and how to break free from all types of parasites.. I was blown away by the life span of these demonic entities and how they get here. Naazir does his best at making sure the people get their money worth. I plan on going to a live event because there are so many more gems that you get when he teaches live. However, the information this course contains is extremely valuable and VERY powerful! The only thing I wish were better is that the images come color and that the words for some illustrations had bigger letters. I'm thankful for having the honor to have this course in my possession and forever grateful for the awe-inspiring teachings of Naazir Ra. THANK YOU for creating a course that can counter the attacks of these demonic entities. I HIGHLY endorse this course for anyone seeking to ascend.