This is the first of the long-awaited BETTER LIVING series by Naazir El Neter Ra! It is a series of practical guides to relationships, family, roles, child rearing and community building based on timeless principles of TRUTH! Whether your are single or married, this manual is a must for heterosexual men and women seeking to live in Divine Order! DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY NOW! IT IS A MUST READ!! 

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Better Living INDEED!

I have wanted the same kind of community and life that is discussed in the book. I would love to thrive somewhere without the dense, chaotic energy that I am living in now. I am open and willing to any possibility. I am still finding out truths (thanks to Naazir Ra) about who I am and what my purpose is. I know that my DNA led me back to where I started even though it was hidden from me (and I was taken to another state). I was able to finally get answers after the guidance and teachings from Hidden Power University. I cannot begin to explain everything -I just know that it is the truth and the key for unlocking my potential. Thank you –blessings…

Love it

Reading this was very refreshing. Eliminating cable, home schooling my child, working for myself & wealth mentality. It was awesome to see my personal beliefs validated by Naazir. I appreciated this book. H