4th Density Set: Book and DVD


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This book is so life changing...I began to experience a spiritual healing while reading it. I highlighted so many good points that will stick with me on my metaphysical journey, I truly love what is stated on page 53...wealthy people think in terms of possibility...poor people think in terms of impossibility. Also page 65.. there is only one self. I will definitely read it a few more times to deeply digest this great spiritual food. I recommend everyone read this book by Naazir Ra. PEACE AND BLESSINGS.


This book as well as the powerful DVD are awesome! Great jewels are within them to apply to life. I'm glad I purchased these items!!

A good read!

The book is a good read. The beginning pages and thoughts of Naazir really jump out at you and you can feel the sincere energy that he put into portraying what he wants you to eventually come to overstanding. I recommend buying the book especially if you consider yourself "different" by societies terms. You will find a lot of affirmations you may have thought about along your journey. As well as explanations of those thoughts, and the epiphanies that come about are bone chilling!