This course is being made available for a very limited time for select few who are contracted to receive this information at this appointed time. The course is about 4 hours (including the bonus DVD) of advanced spiritual teachings through Naazir El Neter Ra and is accompanied by a beautiful illustrated textbook. If your soul has guided you to this page, don’t hesitate to get this life-changing course!

Don't miss this opportunity to take a quantum leap in your ascension process. The time is now! Take Action!! 


1:  Flash Course USB card with textbook and audio files for fast, mobile learning!

2:  Kundalini Science and DNA Ascension DVD (Naazir Ra)

What you will learn:

- Decoding the mysteries of the Yoni and Lingam

- Tapping the secrets of the hidden chakra system

- The secrets of DNA / Jacobs Ladder

- Understanding the body as a unique light code

- Unlock the science of the melanin molecule

- The scientific and metaphysical significance of melanin

- The Kundalini / Pineal Gland Connection

- How to Raise your Kundalini Energy

- How to Balance your Chakras

- Sex magic, Kundalini rituals and deities

- Tapping into Krishna, Vishnu and Lakshmi to manifest your intent

- The sacred "OM" & Mastering sound and light for transformation

- How to Raise your Life Force/Libido for Ascension

- Who are the NAGA (Naanakoo) 

- How to Super Charge your Endocrine System

- How to Activate Dormant DNA

- Metaphysics of Masculine-Electric and Feminine-Magnetic Energy



*There are no refunds for home study courses.

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