Meditation, Spiritual Bath & Subliminal Affirmations


As divine spiritual beings residing in an abundant universe it is our birthright to live abundantly. However, false beliefs and erroneous thinking block us from experiencing the abundance that is all around us.

Use this CD to banish the blocks to wealth in your subconscious mind and replace them with powerful wealth building ideas and beliefs that will magnetize you to attract the wealth and abundance that you deserve. I you truly love yourself, invest in the tools to create the BEST life experience for yourself and your family!

Affirmations on this CD

1- I now accept the rich rewards I deserve.

2- Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

3- The Universe is abundant. I live in abundance.

4- I have positive cash flow right now and always.

5- My mind gives me ideas that create abundance.

6- I easily attract the resources to increase my wealth.

7- Everyday I am more happy, joyful and prosperous.

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